5G-controlled robot tank used to spray disinfectant during COVID-19 outbreak in China

A tank-shaped robot is being used to spray disinfectant during the COVID-19 outbreak has been developed in China.

The video, filmed in the county of Yuyao in Zhejiang Province on March 7, shows the 1.5-metre-long, 0.7-metre-wide and 0.8-metre-high tank-shaped robot spraying the atomised disinfectant out.

The robot developed by the robot research institution of Zhejiang University can spray the disinfectant up to ten metres away and it consumes 20,000-square-metre atomised disinfectant which equals three standard football courts every hour. Its work efficiency is more than five times more than a human's.

The robot also has the lastest 5G controlling technology and high-precisive laser navigation. It is equipped with a high definition camera and an infrared obstacle sensor.

50 disinfection robots will be produced each month from the end of March and the price will be around 80,000yuan (£8,888). Several hospitals and schools in Hubei have already booked 20 robots.