A 5km pizza marathon is running into London

Luke Abrahams
Running for calories: The pizza run comes to London on May 20: Alexandra Gorn/Unsplash

If you're partial to a slice of pizza (or 10), or you just need a pie dangled in front of you to encourage you to move your legs more, listen up: a 5km pizza run is making its way to London.

We know what you're thinking. Such a glorious thing could only have been conceived by the Americans. Well... yes it was. The ingenious run takes place in New York City every year and sees thousands of Manhattanites run 5km stopping off at numerous pizza checkpoints along the way. Fabulous idea, no?

Ours sadly, will be very different. Instead of multiple pizza stop offs, participants will only be given two slices before, during or after the run. Some things really do get lost in translation.

In addition to the London run, the event will also pop-up in Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Leeds and Manchester.

Entrance to the race costs £20 and includes the run, two slices of pizza, access to a cheese-themed after party, a very special and glitzy Pizza Run UK finishers medal and the opportunity to compete for numerous cheesy and doughy prizes. Spoiler: fancy dress is involved.

Sign up for the event here.

The London Pizza Run takes place on May 20, 2018. Tickets cost £20. For more information, visit the event's website.