5Ws+1H: How It's Done: Easter, Earth Day spark various craft ideas

Mar. 14—As the weather starts to warm up, new craft ideas for Easter and Earth Day are finding their way onto the table.

Heather Winn, Cherokee County OSU Extension Office family and consumer science educator, said a simple Earth Day craft can include food coloring and a coffee filter. The crafter can use a dropper with blue and green food coloring to create a picture of the planet.

"It could be for educational [purposes] because you could talk about the land and water," Winn said. "Those are usually really cute."

Since Easter is a little over two weeks away, Winn said, another craft idea is dyeing Eater eggs. Winn said the old-fashioned food dye technique or tablets dropped in water are easy ways to color an egg, but another method involves shaving cream.

The hard-boiled egg is placed in a bowl of vinegar for 10 minutes, then transferred to a muffin tin that contains shaving cream and food coloring. After rolling the egg around in the pan, Winn said, the result will be a marbled or a shell that appears to be tie-dyed.

"You can have a pretty wide range of colors and it's not going to just be your plain colored Easter egg. You could do all one color, but it's going to have [different shades to them]," Winn said.

Winn said dyed Easter eggs, especially those that are hidden for hunts, should not be consumed.

For a combination of Easter and Earth Day, Winn said, a small terra cotta pot can be turned into a rabbit or chicken with paint and other craft accessories. Something as simple as salt and pepper shakers can be turned into a "flower" bouquet. Winn said pipe cleaners can serve as the faux stems, with buttons and felt material to appear as petals. The jar can then be filled with various media — rice, pebbles, etc. — to weigh down the shaker.

Winn said the sock bunny craft is a quick and easy craft that can be made from recycled materials. The socks are to be filled halfway to three-quarters with rice, then a rubber band is placed around the top to fashion the ears. Another rubber band is put around around a small section containing the rice to make the head. One more rubber band is attached at the base of the rabbit to create the tail. The part of the sock not containing rice is then cut to create the ears, and a face can be drawn.

Those who prefer food-related crafts, Winn said, can make a bunny cake with two round baking pans. One of the round cakes serves as the face of the rabbit, with the second having the ears and a bow tie cut out of it. White icing can be placed on the cake for fur, with details added to the baker's preference.

Another popular food-related activity is a Bunny Butt Cheese Ball. Winn said there are several variations of this dessert. One way to make this is with a mixture of 16 ounces of cream cheese, half a cup of sprinkles, half a cup of white chocolate chips, a quarter cup of sugar, 1 cup of Funfetti Cake Mix, 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract, and 1 teaspoon of butter extract. After kneading the contents, the baker should roll one large ball, two medium balls, and then one small ball. Then the balls should be rolled in coconut flakes. Finally, the bunny butt should be assembled, placing M&Ms on the feet to create the toes. Graham crackers can be served with the dip.