6 best DAB Digital Radios

Bianca Barratt

There's something quite comforting about listening to the radio. Other voices burbling away in the background whilst you go about your daily tasks has become routine for a lot of poeple - especially in the mornings.

If you want a digital radio that can wake you up or follow you out to the garden, here are six of the best.

1. Pure Evoke D2 DAB+/ FM Radio

With a walnut finish, white interface and rounded corners, the Evoke model mixes retro style with modernity to create something that would look good in any home. You can program up to four stations for easy access to your favourite shows and the kitchen timer function makes it a good multi-tasker. There’s a rechargeable battery pack included too so you can take it out when you’re pottering in the garden.

£89.99, Argos, Buy it now

2. Sainsbury’s Blue DAB/ FM Digital Radio

If you’re after something classic to fit with your preferred aesthetic, this Sainsbury’s own model fits the bill: the duck egg blue finish gives it that Cadillac-esque look that’s so appealing. Choose up to ten station pre-sets and either plug into the mains or battery operate it. The LED display is easy to navigate and doubles as a digital alarm clock, meaning you can wake up to music rather than the incessant droning sound of an alarm.

£40, Sainsburys, Buy it now

3. Pure Pop Mini DAB/FM Portable Digital Radio

If you’re someone who likes to have the radio on in the background throughout the day, it’s worth spending extra on one with clear-as-a-bell sound that’s robust but easy to use. This one is simple to set up and has popular radio stations pre-programmed as soon as you get it working. It’s easy to manoeuvre and move from room to room, so you’ll never miss out on a song or important piece of news as you go about your routines. The controls are uncomplicated, so this is a great gift for anyone unused to navigating complex technology, such as elderly relatives.

£59.99, John Lewis, Buy it now

4. John Lewis Astro DAB+/FM Digital Clock Radio

Great value for money, the John Lewis Astro radio doubles as a Bluetooth operated speaker for when you’d rather listen to your own music or podcasts. The display is large, catering for people with poor eyesight where other models do not, but can be dimmed to suit a night time setting. The sound is clear and the controls fairly easy to use. The alarm setting is a little more laborious than on others but is a small setback for an otherwise great investment.

£59.95, John Lewis, Buy it now

5. Roberts Revival DAB+/ DAB/ FM Radio

When you think of a digital radio, the Roberts retro models probably spring to mind very quickly. Available in every colour in the rainbow, it features clearly labelled buttons and knobs (including a simple on/off one that’s elusive on many others), a strap handle for carrying around and an aerial for getting better sound reception.

£179.99, Roberts Radio, Buy it now

6. Goodmans Pebble

Buying a digital radio doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune- at £21.99, this Goodmans one is a cheap and cheerful option for those who don’t see the point in spending a lot of money. The big tuning dial is more intuitive than a button - and much more reminiscent of an old fashioned radio. Great for children to use or if you want a radio on in the background whilst you do particularly messy work, such as decorating.

£21.99, Tesco Direct, Buy it now

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