6 Celebs Who Are Making '90s Hairstyles Look Cool Again

Mica Ricketts

Between hair clips, lip gloss and the Spice Girls embarking on a world tour, you could be forgiven for thinking that it's 1999 rather than 2019. And there's no sign of our love for all things '90s slowing down—particularly with celebs like Margot Robbie taking to the red carpet in some serious throwback hairstyles. In fact, a whole lot of celebs are at it—embracing everything from high ponytails to pigtails and proving that a touch of '90s inspiration is no bad thing when it comes to your hair. Keep scrolling for six celebrities who are making '90s hairstyles look cool again, plus the celebs who likely inspired their looks the first time around.

Jen took to the Emmy Awards red carpet back in 1999 to debut this boho-hair look with cool-girl beach waves, braids and plenty of texture.

For the Once Upon a Time premiere, Margot nodded towards the '90s penchant for braids but gave the style a modern twist by keeping the rest of her strands sleek and the ends undone.

For an education in '90s beauty trends, look no further than Julia Stiles's hair in 10 Things I Hate About You. High ponytail + tiny tendrils = a throwback classic.

Lily-Rose Depp nod to this '90s trend by sweeping her hair back into a ponytail and keeping the hair around the front of her face loose. For a 2019 twist, add a hair accessory like Depp's red ribbon.

Space buns were something of a beauty trademark for Scary Spice—only made more '90s by the twist of neon-green ribbon here.

Yara's chic double chignons prove that space buns can work in 2019—especially when teamed with her pared-back glowy-makeup look.

Pigtails experienced something of a resurgence in the '90s after Britney Spears debuted them in the music video for "…Baby One More Time." It sparked a wave of girls rocking up to school with double bunches soon after.

Elle is bringing back the bunches for this special occasion look, and I kind of love it. The mint-green ribbons add a cute finishing touch.

One of the power hairstyles of the '90s has to be the high ponytail, which supermodel Naomi Campbell was often spotted in.

Jorja Smith embraces the height and adds plenty of volume with her super-high ponytail and voluminous ends.

GHD hair straighteners didn't change the at-home hair game until 2001, but celebs like Beyoncé were stepping out with poker-straight strands well before that in the '90s.

Maya Jama pays homage to the super-sleek '90s trend with this glamorous red carpet look.

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