6 drinks that are in this summer and 4 that are out, according to bartenders and mixologists

hand pushing an orange fruity cocktail across a bar
Some trendy cocktails aren't the best drinks to order this summer.Maksym Fesenko/Shutterstock
  • Business Insider asked bartenders about which drinks are in and out for this summer.

  • Classic punches and nonalcoholic beverages will be popular as the weather warms.

  • But the experts said to skip piña coladas, smoked cocktails, and espresso martinis.

Inflation has made alcohol increasingly more expensive — whether you're out at a bar or mixing cocktails at home.

To avoid wasting money on a bad drink trend, Business Insider spoke with bartenders and mixologists to find out what's in and out for the summer.

You can’t go wrong with a margarita.

classic lime margarita sitting on a bar
A classic margarita is a dependable choice. luckyraccoon/Shutterstock

James Grant, bartender and director of beverage at Fairmont Royal York in Toronto, loves a classic margarita to cool off in the summer.

"This is literally never going out of style," he told BI. "It's adaptable, versatile, and the standard bearer for agave spirits that are absolutely on fire right now."

There’s nothing like a good punch to get the summer started.

a big jar of red punch on a table full of plates of food
Alcoholic punch is great for gatherings and parties. SERGIOKAT/Shutterstock

Whether you're out at a bar or hosting a party at home, you can't go wrong with punch.

"A classic punch is always great when you want to share a drink with friends," Grant said. "Something like the Philadelphia Fish House punch is a great starting point."

The recommended batch cocktail is typically made from cognac, Jamaican rum, and peach and lemon flavorings.

Add a frozen cocktail to the mix.

a trio of frozen margaritas (red, white, and green) lined up on a bar
Frozen margaritas come in a variety of flavors. BestStockFoto/Shutterstock

Frozen cocktails are a no-brainer in the summer. But the possibilities extend beyond frozen margaritas or daiquiris, according to Panji Wisrawan, head mixologist at Pinstripe Bar at Viceroy Bali.

"One of the best cocktails I've encountered is the frozen gimlet, made by blending gin with cordial and crushed ice, resulting in a smooth, frozen yet floral and punchy take on the classic gimlet," he told BI.

It's still cool to order a refreshing spritz.

two Aperol spritzes on an outdoor table
Aperol isn't the only bitter liqueur that can be used in spritzes. PippiLongstocking/Shutterstock

A spritz, also known as an apéritif or aperitivo, is typically a mix of sparkling wine, digestive bitters (e.g., Aperol), and soda water.

"The choices are diverse, whether you prefer floral options like the Hugo spritz or something more serious like the Campari spritz," Wisrawan said.

Nonalcoholic options are also on the rise.

three fruity drinks in a line on a table
Bars have gotten more creative with their mocktail options. Jallypix/Shutterstock

Nonalcoholic beverages and mocktails are more popular than ever.

Sunshine Foss, founder and CEO of boutique liquor store Happy Cork, told BI, "Nonalcoholic drinks, like alcohol-free beers, botanical-infused sparkling waters, and sophisticated mocktails that mimic the taste and experience of traditional cocktails, are on the rise."

A spicy drink is always a good option if you're up for it.

a spicy mezcal margarita cocktail on a gray surface
Mezcal is a great base for a spicy cocktail. Alp Aksoy/Shutterstock

Phil Collins, mixologist and beverage director at both Table One Hospitality & Kin Gin, said spicy drinks are a summer staple.

One of his favorite orders is a spicy mezcalita (a margarita made with mezcal instead of tequila).

"I think it's time to bring in heat and smoke from mezcal, which pairs perfectly with all of the watermelon, strawberry, passion fruit, and tropical goodness," he told BI.

Plus, spicy flavors may actually help you stay cool since they typically increase perspiration.

On the other hand, it's time to ditch the piña coladas.

two garnished pina coladas on a bar
Piña coladas are a little basic — and full of sugar. Ivan Mateev/Shutterstock

Many people know and love piña coladas, but there are so many other drinks to choose from these days.

"Skip the piñas and give yourself some color," Collins told BI.

According to the bartender, the classic tropical drink may even make hangovers worse.

"Oftentimes the creaminess of the Coco Lopez and all that sugar — plus being out in the sun — can be a nightmare," he said.

Smoked cocktails are on their way out.

bar tender using a smoke gun to present a pink cocktail at a bar
Dramatic presentation can't make up for flavor. Maksym Fesenko/Shutterstock

Although smoked cocktails are Instagram-worthy, Paul Barcelo, a bartender at Lazy Bear in San Francisco, said they've run their course.

"I think the smoke-gun bubbles are out," he told BI. "People want more simple preparations these days."

Frosé should be frozen in time.

glass of frosé with a lime slice and a green straw
The frosé trend is dying out. Claire Stovall/Shutterstock

Tyler Chauvin, assistant general manager of food and beverage at Swingers NoMad, said the era of frosé (frozen rosé) has ended.

"The never-ending combination of pink wine, lavender, and fruit juice every summer is getting boring," she told BI.

Say goodbye to espresso martinis.

four espresso martinis with different garnishes lined up on a bar
Espresso martinis have been all the rage, but bartenders are moving on. OKMG/Shutterstock

Although the rich coffee flavors of an espresso martini can boost energy on a night out, bartenders and mixologists are coming up with more creative takes.

Justin Goo, bartender and general manager at Abacá, believes the trendy martinis will be replaced with other variations, like a boozy sparkling Americano, this summer.

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