Incredible Star Wars locations you can visit in real life

Molly McElwee
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The Last Jedi looks set to break its predecessor’s box office record, with hordes of super fans attending midnight screenings last night, and cinemas sold out across the country.

But have you ever wondered where those incredible CGI-enhanced scenes were filmed?

Here we give the lowdown on some of the most spectacular landscapes across the globe which have featured in the franchise’s latest instalment.

​Skellig Michael Island, Ireland - Luke’s Hideout

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The small, rocky island which features as Luke’s Hideout in the Star Wars franchise is located 13 kilometres off the south-west coast of Ireland, in Count Kerry.

The island is famous for a UNESCO World Heritage Site Christian monastery built on it and has featured in two other films; Heart of Glass (1976) and Byzantium (2012).

Bardenas Reales, Spain – Tatooine

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Anakin and Luke Skywalker’s desert home planet was bizarrely filmed in the north of Spain.

The ridges, canyons and stark shapes jutting out of the earth, carved out of the clay, chalk and sandstone are so out of this world you’d be forgiven for thinking they were CGI.

The region recently featured on the small screen in season six of Game of Thrones.

Villa del Balbianello, Italy – Varykino

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The lake retreat that once served as the backdrop to Anakin Skywalker’s wedding in Episode II, is in fact a beautiful villa on Lake Como, Italy in real life.

The property originally served as a 13th century monastery, and is also featured in James Bond film Casino Royale (2006).

Krafla Volcano, Iceland – Starkiller Base

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The Starkiller Base ice planet was unsurprisingly filmed in Iceland, at the Krafla Volcano.

One of the volcano's most prominent craters is named after hell, and the eerie darkness of the location makes it seem like it’s not far off.

Finse, Norway – Hoth

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Another ice planet, Hoth, was filmed in the remote mountain village of Finse in Norway. The village has no road links, and can only be accessed via its train station. Its scenic snowy landscape and remoteness made it the perfect location.

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