6 international songs we loved in 2017

Cape Town – As 2017 comes to and end we decided to take a look at the top international songs for the year.

From Ed Sheeran to Khalid to Kendrick Lamar, 2017 was a big year as far as music goes.

These are the Channel24 team’s top songs for 2017:

Los Ageless – St. Vincent

This is my favourite song of the year because it’s not like anything else out there right now and it’s indicative of this album, which along with Haim, Lorde, Khalid and Sza’s is one of my favourites of the year.  - Alex Isaacs (The Juice – Content Producer)

Location – Khalid

This was a very difficult one for me! I narrowed it down to the most played album in my car which is Khalid’s (not the rapper) debut album American Teen. The song that I played on repeat is Location. It is such breath of fresh air and very different from the other music that has come out. The lyrics are catchy and I love that it tells a story. If Khalid is putting out this kind of music at 19 I can’t wait to see how much more he will grow. – Leandra Engelbrecht (TV and Movies Editor)

Sweet Creature – Harry Styles

I struggled to choose which song really stood out for me this year. I didn’t want something mainstream because that wouldn’t necessarily be my favourite but rather something I’m ‘forced’ to listen to because it’s everywhere. Never-the-less I chose Sweet Creature by Harry Styles. Yes, his name has been everywhere this year but I absolutely love him and his first solo album was the break away from the boy band days he needed. Sweet Creature resonates with me on so many levels, it’s sweet and mature and tells a beautiful story I really relate to. - Bronwyn McKay (International News Editor)

Chateau - Angus & Julia Stone

I’m a big fan of the brother-and-sister duo, Angus & Julia Stone. I randomly discovered their music on YouTube many summers ago when I was trying to escape the heat in an internet café just off Kloof Street. Now, years later, they’re on their way to the Mother City – and of course I’ve got my tickets in the bag. Chateau is my favourite song off their new album, Snow. It’s dreamy, smooth and so relaxing. Just the way I like it.  - Herman Eloff (Editor)

Humble - Kendrick Lamar

I was really excited about Kendrick’s opinions on natural hair, and Photoshopped models in magazines: "I'm so fuckin' sick and tired of the Photoshop. Show me somethin' natural like afro on Richard Pryor. Show me somethin' natural like ass with some stretchmarks." The track is very political and celebrates natural beauty. - Graye Morkel (Editor, The Juice) 

Shape of You – Ed Sheeran

Ja I know I know I know… Before you crucify me for picking this song, let me explain. I have always been a big Ed Sheeran fan from the very beginning. He’s a brilliant songwriter and musician, and I respect that. And after being away from the scene for more than a year, Ed came back with Shape of You. I just love it. It’s catchy, it’s got rhythm, it just makes me feel good every time I hear it. So there you go. – Jean-Marie Korff (Music Editor)

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