6 reasons why Bob’s Burgers is the BEST comedy on TV


Credit: 20th Century Fox Television


So while some of you will already be watching the amazing Bob’s Burgers, there is a lot - yes, it’s upsetting to hear - that aren’t familiar with the show.

To some, Bob’s Burgers is just another adult animated show slapped onto Comedy Central but do not be deceived..

Bob’s Burgers is brilliant. In fact there’s too much goodness about it to list in this short sentence, so here are six whole reasons you need to be tuning in.

1. There’s LOADS to catch up on

Yep, the show’s been going since 2011, so there’s plenty to binge on and, let’s be honest, binge-watching is GREAT. Especially when you’ve 113 episodes to view. You lucky thing.

2. It’s actually hilarious

OK, so I get comedy is subjective but Bob’s Burgers is SERIOUSLY funny. Its scripts are written with such razor sharp edge, intelligence and satire, that it stands head and shoulders above anything else. The jokes come thick and fast but don’t ever feel forced. Subtle digs, quips, and observational jokes are rammed into a free-flowing episode which consistently reaches a really high level of quality.


Credit: 20th Century Fox Television

3. The animation will subtly seduce you

The likes of The Simpsons or Family Guy or even King of the Hill all offer varying, likeable styles of hand-drawn (and in later series’ CGI) animation but this has such a nice aesthetic and believe it or not succeeds at being slightly more charming. Even surpassing South Park, it’s true. Vibrant animation isn’t just a gimmick here, it really accentuates the unique quality of the show in such a captivating environment.

4. Episodic stories are perfection

Each and every single half-hour is gloriously written (see point 2 for utter lols) and structured so damn well. It’s always paced in a really manageable way; never does it convolute its narrative or feel stodgy with too many characters or unnecessary filler. It all feels, well, just right in its balance and tone.

5. Original #content

OK, so while Family Guy can be criticised for basically passing itself off as a smutty The Simpsons, Bob’s Burgers tackles something pretty fresh story-wise; even if it’s as satirically-laced as per other animated hits. Its nods to movies are cleverly integrated into a story too and somehow breathes new life with how it does that.

6. Endearing characters

Yeah, you’ll develop an intense but totally naturally-feeling of warmth towards Bob, Tina and the entire fam. And the supporting roles. Each are so well-rounded with individual personalities, they blend extremely well to create the world the Belchers live in. Bob should, one day at least, become as iconic as Homer Simpson or Peter Griffin, in my opinion.


Credit 20th Century Fox Television

Are you already a massive Bob’s Burgers fan? Have I opened your eyes to a new, exciting series you’ve now fallen in love with? Am I talking absolute nonsense? Leave a comment below…

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