6 THINGS TO KNOW: TSET Helpline offers free help to quit tobacco use

Feb. 1—TSET Executive Director Julie Bisbee provides details on getting eight weeks of free gum, patches or lozenges, and services through the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline.

1 Who is offering the program?

The Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline, a program of the Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust (TSET), is offering Oklahomans who want to quit tobacco a special opportunity.

2 How long will the program remain in effect?

Beginning today, Oklahomans who sign up for the Helpline will get at least eight weeks of patches, gum or lozenges for free. This limited-time offer of extra nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) runs through February 29.

3 Is any other assistance offered through the program?

The Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline offers the opportunity to quit tobacco use with free, personalized help, with services including text, phone and web coaching, patches, gum, lozenges and more.

4 Are there any charges to participate in the program during February?

This limited-time offer from the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline is a great opportunity for those thinking about quitting to take the first step toward a tobacco-free future. I'm pleased the Helpline is providing additional support to Oklahomans at no cost to them.

5 Is the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline successful?

The Helpline has traditionally offered at least two weeks of free nicotine replacement therapy. By building a plan to quit with the Helpline and fighting cravings with the provided NRT, Oklahomans can double their chances of successfully overcoming tobacco addiction. TSET has funded the Helpline since 2003, and in that time, it has had over a half-million registrations.

6 What is the process to participate?

Call 1-800-QUIT NOW (1-800-784-8669), text READY to 34191 or visit to explore all the free services and resources available. Connect with the Helpline through social media by liking the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline on Facebook or following @OKhelpline on X (formerly Twitter) and Instagram.