6 times It's Bill Skarsgard was totally hot in movies

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If you've seen It, Bill Skarsgard has probably given you weird nightmares about dancing clowns coming up through the drain to rip your arm off. But if you've visited his IMDb page, you might have noticed that beneath the make up, he's actually quite the handsome devil.

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Pre-It Bill wasn't anywhere near as well known as his brother Alexander, who stars in True Blood, or indeed his dad Stellan, who you might know best from Good Will Hunting or the Thor movies.

But Bill has been working steadily for a while and most of the time he's not a decaying sewer beast. Here are some of his best bits.

1. Beyond Blue Skies

In this Swedish coming of age film from 2010 he plays Martin, a young guy in the '70s who gets a job at a hotel and is taken under the wing of its owner. Which is why he's clearly doing no work in this image.

2. Simon and the Oaks

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Another Swedish coming of age film, this time set during the second world war. Bill plays Simon, a working class outsider seeking education in the arts. It was released in 2011.

3. Victoria

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In this period drama from 2013 Skarsgard is on the wrong side of a love triangle (depending how you look at it). he plays rich Otto who gets the girl, despite the fact that she's in love with poor Johannes. She doesn't love you Bill! We do though...

4. Allegiant

Allegiant, part of the Divergent series, was Skarsgard's first major Hollywood movie. In it he plays Matthew, a scientist researching into serums, who's genetically pure. Not going to say anymore about that.

5. Atomic Blonde

This year Skarsgard appeared opposite Charlize Theron in this cold-war thriller where he plays Theron's character's mission assistant.

6. Hemlock Grove

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Bill Skarsgard. Weirdly attractive even when eating a horse.

Sexy werewolf attack! Skarsgard has a leading role in this Netflix original series. He plays troubled Roman, the air to the Godfrey estate. Do he and Alexander have sexy werewolf vs sexy vampire fights? Could there be a cross-over spin-off starring both? Unlikely, on both counts.

Here he is in Hemlock Grove again.

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Here are some bonus pictures.

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And here is Bill at the It premiere. Where he looks a tiny bit like a sexy Anthony Stewart Head (Giles from Buffy).

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