6 times Lauren Boebert HUMILIATED herself that have us CACKLING

Yesterday, despite being mired in one scandal after another, Republican Representative Lauren Boebert won the Republican primary in her Denver district. It is a remarkable feat for a politician who can’t seem to go more than five minutes without humiliating herself. From getting caught allegedly fondling her date in public to getting called out for lying about being responsible for bringing money into her district, Boebert has become a pro at doing embarrassing things.

Luckily, she still has to beat out the Democrat running against her in November to secure her seat in Congress for another two years. So here’s hoping the voters of Colorado’s 4th district see the light and vote against her.

But until then, we’ll take every opportunity to laugh at the politician who has sold her soul to MAGA !

She had to switch districts


Boebert was so sure she was set to lose the primary election that she switched to a less competitive and more conservative district. Considering she only beat Democratic candidate Adam Frish by 550 votes during the 2022 election, she probably made the right choice, and this cowardly—and deeply embarrassing—move gave her the upper hand she needed to win her primary yesterday

You have to laugh at the MAGA firebrand for having so little faith in herself that she went through the humiliation of changing districts just to have a chance at winning in November.

Getting handsy at Beetlejuice


Last September, Boebert was kicked out of the musical Beetlejuice after getting caught getting...ahem...handsy with her date. This was a truly embarrassing move for a sitting congresswoman. It was first reported that she and her date were tossed out for singing and vaping, but once the surveillance footage was released, the whole explicit truth was revealed. And this is the same person who is being trusted to vote on laws governing our country. Yikes.

Getting tipsy and begging for selfies with Trump


Last December, Boebert was cut off by a bartender at the New York Young Republican Club's annual gala after allegedly getting sloppy drunk. She was reportedly so intoxicated that she kept embarrassing herself by asking Trump for selfies even though he wanted nothing to do with her. It got so bad that his personal security had to ask her to stop. It must hurt to devote yourself to the MAGA leader and then be ignored by him. Poor baby.

Unhinged comment about Jesus


Back in 2022, Boebert made headlines for saying some bonkers things about Jesus and guns that will have you questioning how she ever got elected in the first place. In a speech at a Charis Christian Centre event, the Denver representative said that Jesus—famous for being nonviolent—could have saved himself from crucifixion at the hands of the Romans if he'd just had a gun.

"On Twitter, a lot of the little Twitter trolls, they like to say, 'Oh, Jesus didn't need an AR-15, how many AR-15s do you think Jesus would've had? Well, he didn't have enough to keep his government from killing him," Boebert said.

She'll do anything for Trump


Boebert is a true pick-me. The MAGA devotee is so obsessed with Trump that she showed up to his hush-money trial (you know, the one where he was convicted on 34 felony counts) to kiss the ring and defend him to the press instead of attending her son's court dates after he was arrested for a string of vehicle trespass and property thefts, Newsweek reports. It's so embarrassing that this "family values" Republican picked kissing up to the former president over her own kid.

Getting caught taking credit for other peoples' work


In March, Boebert took to X (formerly Twitter) to brag about securing $51.4 million for her district, but before she could enjoy the accolades for a job well done, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg called her out for taking credit for the money flowing into her district despite voting against the bill, Newsweek reports. Oops. Did she think no one would notice?