65 Million Years Old Face Lift: Layla Przeklasa ( ursuline high school)

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Dinosaur at the park: Unsplash <i>(Image: Unsplash)</i>
Dinosaur at the park: Unsplash (Image: Unsplash)

Crystal palace park’s prehistoric visitors are being saved from extinction with a £5 million renovations.


This generous donation being provided by the national lottery heritage fund will allow for the dinosaurs to be repaired as some now have cracks in their exterior, even the Megalosaurus is desperate for an emergency shape up after its nose fell off in 2021. This project is just a small piece of the puzzle of the £52 million regeneration plan for crystal palace park, the beating heart of the community. Bromley councillor Yvonne Bear described the renewal as “ extremely welcome”, clearly representing the excitement within the borough for a development of these green spaces.


These fascinating creatures were moved to crystal Palace park, then referred to as Sydenham hill, in 1854 and were built to educate Victorians. However, with developments in archaeology and science, these dinosaurs are anatomically incorrect. This project will allow for corrections to be made so the education adapts to our time and knowledge.


We are looking forward to witness these developments take place and have heard that the project is making good progress.