7 businesswomen pose in metallic swimsuits for empowering photoshoot: 'These women are all like queens'

Eleanor “Cori” Curry, at center, poses with friends in metallic swimsuits for an empowering shoot. (Photo: Brandan J Zachery)

Work hard, play hard is a motto that many people try to follow, but few seem to live it quite like one particular woman and her six inspiring friends.

Eleanor “Cori” Curry is an attorney for small businesses and a single mother of two who believes in “doing it all” — at the most attainable level possible. Immediately following her first career and the births of her children, Curry returned to law school, where she faced her first challenge of trying to balance it all. And with the simple understanding that “adulting shouldn’t be that horrible,” she started writing a blog called the Play Hard Playbook.

“It started off just kind of explaining to people how I look at how to balance it, which is kind of being all in, in whatever you’re doing,” Curry explains to Yahoo Lifestyle. “It’s about how to build a life where you are responsible, and you’re pursuing your dreams as far as your career, but you’re also pursuing your dreams as far as who you are as a person — what you want to do and what you love. I don’t know if it’s doing it all, but are you checking the things off at the top of your list?”

For Curry, the things at the top of her list are, of course, her children and her job, in addition to traveling and spending time with the friends who empower and inspire her — six of whom she invited on a trip to Los Angeles for a totally boss photoshoot.

The women took their metallic-swimsuit poses poolside. (Photo: Brandan J Zachery)

“I had the idea of a photoshoot, and we just bounced some ideas around and found a photographer,” Curry says. “To me, these women are all like queens, and it’s important for us to remind ourselves.”

All of the women featured are single (Curry is the only one with children), which she highlights as an important reason for self-love.

“If you don’t remind yourself that you’re a queen or you’re brilliant, who’s going to do it?” she says. “There’s no one just at home in the pocket waiting to say, ‘You look beautiful today.’ A lot of times, we get so caught up in what we think beauty is, and you have to be this size, or look this way. So you just forget to say, ‘I can only look the best I can look, and I should celebrate that, too.'”

From the response to the photos she posted, it’s evident that many people agree that these women are all beautiful. However, as Curry insists, the power of their accomplishments far outweighs their looks. The group includes five attorneys, one medical researcher, and an accountant, a breakdown that Curry believes is important to point out.

“I mean, the pictures look glamorous, but people who know me in everyday life know I usually just get dressed in five minutes, just like everybody else,” Curry says. “It’s just a reminder that you can be everything you want to be if you invest the time first in yourself.”

From there, she believes you can put the most into the rest of the things that mean the most to you. As long as you foster self-love.

“Everybody’s got their own little glow,” she says. “You have to claim it, and then live it.”

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