7-Eleven Is Bringing Back the Extreme Meat Pizza for Pi Day

Plus: It's selling its large pizzas for just $3.14.

In early 2015, a 21-year-old man set a new Guinness World Record for reciting 70,000 decimal places — no, that’s not a typo — of Pi. It took Rajveer Meena almost 10 hours to speak all of those numbers out loud, and he was blindfolded the entire time so he could prove that he’d memorized everything that comes after 3.1415…nine…um, maybe two…or six…is it six?

Fortunately, you don’t have to wear a blindfold or remember thousands of numbers to celebrate Pi Day at 7-Eleven. In fact, all you have to remember is that Pi Day falls on Thursday, March 14 and that you can get any large pizza for $3.14 at any participating 7-Eleven, Speedway, or Stripes store. That deal can also be combined with other discounted 7-Eleven faves, including a $1 large Slurpee or an order of five bone-in wings for $5.99.

"Our customers look forward to this Pi Day deal each year – it's a fun tradition they really enjoy," Dave Strachan, 7-Eleven’s senior vice president of fresh foods, said in a statement. "Whether you’re a math aficionado, a foodie or simply someone looking for a reason to celebrate, Pi Day offers something for everyone."

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In order to claim the Pi Day Pizza Deal, you’ll need to be a member of one of the chain’s loyalty programs, either 7Rewards or Speedy Rewards. You can sign up for either program for free on the 7-Eleven or Speedway websites or by downloading the 7-Eleven or Speedway apps.

In addition to the in-store Pi Day deal, you can also have that $3.14 large pizza delivered through the 7NOW delivery app. Delivery customers can also get $14 off any $30 purchase using the code PIDAYDEAL — and any purchase over $15 or more will qualify for free delivery.

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Pi Day also marks the return of its Extreme Meat Pizza, which is topped with bacon bits, beef crumbles, Canadian bacon, pepperoni, and sausage. The chain also launched the 7-Meat pizza, layered with the carnivore-satisfying combo of bacon, Canadian bacon, beef crumbles, Chicago-style sausage, diced ham, pepperoni, and sausage crumbles.

If you want to claim one of 7-Eleven’s Pi Day Deals, keep in mind that both the in-store and delivery deals are only here for that one day. The company’s fine print also says that you can only get one $3.14 large pizza at a time, but each Rewards member can get two provided that they’re separate transactions. 

That still seems easy enough to remember.

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