7 Funny Tweets That'll Cheer You Up In Time For The Weekend

(Photo: InnaPoka via Getty Images)

The four day weekend is here and if there’s one thing we all plan on doing this weekend, it’s staying home.

But that doesn’t have to mean no fun – here are some tweets to bring you that infectious Friday feeling and to kick off the break from work with a bang.

And for those who are continuing to work throughout the weekend, we thank you for all you do and hope you can find five minutes of light relief here.


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1. The egg man.

We don’t know what we were expecting when we clicked on this video but it certainly wasn’t this.

2. This kid’s unfortunate handwriting mishap.

The six-year-old wrote that she was “working” hard at school today, but her handwriting... Well.... You’d be forgiven for reading something else entirely. 

3. Man ends up with two identical cats.

A guy posted to say his cat disappeared a month ago, but thankfully a week ago turned up... Then his actual cat turned up a week later. So who’s the imposter?

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4. The most extroverted toddler ever.

“Hi! Hi! Good morning!” This brilliant kid represents every extrovert on their daily walk right now. 

5. Cat’s goalkeeping skills are unrivalled.

“He’s approaching the box. He shoots. Oh WHAT a SAVE from Mr Tinkles.”

6. The football celebration we were not expecting.

Amazing skills. Brilliant control. And an even better celebration at the end. 

7. The drum solo we never knew we needed. 

Phil Collins would be proud.

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