7 huge questions that Sense8's finale needs to answer

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Although Sense8 revolves around eight people who are psychically connected and know each other inside out, the show itself did everything it could to keep viewers in the dark when it came its biggest mysteries.

Season two ended on a particularly suspenseful cliffhanger that left a number of plot threads unresolved, which is one of the reasons why fans reacted so strongly when Netflix initially cancelled the show.

Happily, since then, the popular streaming service has seen the error of its ways and decided to commission at least one more two-hour special to wrap the story up completely.

If this really is the end for everyone's favourite Sensates, there are a sensational number of storylines that fans need to see resolved in the Sense8 finale.

1. How will the gang save Wolfgang?

Photo credit: Murray Close/Netflix

Now that the cluster have finally united in person to rescue their lost comrade, it won't be long before the gang's all back together again, but how will things do down?

At the end of the season two finale, our heroes infiltrated BPO in London and kidnapped Whispers (Terrence Mann). Are they looking for a trade? And where is Wolfgang (Max Riemelt) for that matter too? Let's just hope that the group find him before BPO torture the beloved Sensate to death.

2. Will Capheus win his election?

Photo credit: Murray Close/Netflix

It's been a long road for bus driver Capheus (Toby Onwumere), but at the end of season two, it looked like he had a real shot at winning real legislative power in his homeland of Kenya. Of course, even if he can overcome his political enemies and also find the time to help save Wolfgang, Capheus still has to face the public vote and who knows how that will turn out?

3. Will Sun get justice for the death of her father?

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For the majority of season two, Sun-Bak (Bae Doona) languished in jail after her brother Joong-Ki (Lee Ki-chan) framed her for the murder of their father.

Thanks to the help of her fellow Sensates, Sun broke out and chased him down for an epic confrontation in the streets of Seoul, but after she decided to show her brother mercy, he escaped. However, we doubt that this is the last that either we or Sun have seen of Joong-Ki on Sense8, especially as justice is yet to prevail.

4. Who is the Chairman?

Photo credit: Murray Close / Netflix

The mysterious organization BPO have hounded the Sensates ever since the pilot first aired back in 2015. Although they since stepped out of the shadows somewhat in season two, little is still known about the Chairman who oversees their operations.

Perhaps we'll learn more through Jonas (Naveen Andrews) now that the cluster's former mentor has made a deal with BPO to save his own life. Maybe the Chairman will even turn out to be someone that the Sensates have already met.

5. Is Rajan evil?

Kala's (Tina Desai) husband claims that he's one of the good guys, but season two dropped a number of hints that suggested he could be involved in some shady operations. Not only did he hire a new bodyguard around the same time that some suspicious new friends showed up, but Rajan (Purab Kohli) even told Kala to leave at one point in order to protect her.

Perhaps the companies that he works for are connected somehow to BPO, although truth be told, Rajan does look rather happy alongside the rest of the cluster in the latest trailer.

6. Will Kala end up with Wolfgang?

The sexual tension that Wolfgang and Kala share spans continents, yet it's still unclear whether they'll end up happy together. Even if Rajan does turn out to be evil, he's still married to Kala, and there's also a slim chance that Wolfgang might not even make it out of BPO alive.

However, the fans clearly ship this pair hard and it would be a surprise if their unrequited love never came to fruition, particularly as the two will always remain bonded mentally for as long as they're both alive.

7. Will everyone get the happy ending they deserve?

If this really is the last time that the cluster appears on screen, then every last one of the Sensates deserve a happy ending.

Sure, Sense8 is far from conventional, but the way in which this show embraces love in all its forms is something that has really won over the hearts of fans worldwide, so we're sure audiences wouldn't mind a more traditional happy ending for once.

If Lito doesn't make it big in Hollywood or something ruins Nomi and Amanita's wedding, then audiences might regret petitioning for the show's return in the first place.

The Sense8 finale will drop on Netflix on June 8.

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