7 Love Island lookalikes weirding out the fans

Photo credit: ITV
Photo credit: ITV

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Love Island just wouldn't be Love Island without the memes.

Whether eagle-eyed fans are picking up on Wes and his hilarious Carlton-style dance moves or finding the islanders' celebrity doppelgängers, there's always plenty of Twitter commentary to have a giggle at.

We've had a trawl of the world wide web to find some of the best comparisons of this year's Love Island line-up but (a friendly warning) once you've seen these lookalikes, you won't be able to unsee them...

1. Laura Anderson and Olivia Attwood

It took all of about 30 seconds for Twitter to mock this one up, and it really is like seeing double.

These two ladies might be at completely opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to their personality traits, but there's just no getting away from the fact that they look like they could have been separated at birth.

2. Sam Bird and The X Factor's Matt Terry

Fans of the show were convinced that they recognised newcomer Sam from somewhere, but it soon became apparent that they were mixing him up with X Factor's 2016 winner.

In fact, feeding suspicion, Matt Terry still hasn't posted anything to his official Instagram account since June 21 - around the time Sam rocked up to the LI villa.

But after getting bombarded with questions from fans, Terry soon cleared things up by tweeting: "Nope that's not me in the villa #loveisland..."

3. Zara McDermott and Kelly Brook

Both beautiful ladies.

But the red top and brown hair combo probably help this fly...

4. Zara McDermott and Super Nanny

We definitely didn't see this one coming.

The internet is a weird and yet sometimes marvellous place.

5. Kendall Rae Knight and Kady McDermott

It's always tempting to compare a fresh batch of islanders to the standout stars of previous seasons, but when they look this similar it's to believe the producers don't have a 'type on paper.'

6. Frankie Foster and Dean Gaffney

If you've been wondering why Robbie Jackson hasn't popped back up on The Square recently, it's because he's currently sunning himself in Majorca (apparently).

7. Jack Fincham and Flynn Rider

He may be a Disney animation, but we can definitely see it...

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