7-year-old boy born with one hand hopes to raise £13k to get high-tech BIONIC ARM

A little superhero fanboy who was born with one hand missing is hoping to get £13k from kind donors so he can have a high-tech bionic arm - just like Iron Man. Seven-year-old Jacob Hyatt was born with his left hand missing and had the opportunity to trial a bionic arm earlier this year. He quickly became desperate to get one of his own and mum Bernice Hyatt, 33, is hoping donations from the public will be enough to get her son one. The state-of-the-art 'superhero arm' designed by Open Bionics costs £13,000. With almost half of the funds needed already raised, Jacob's family are hoping that they'll be able to get the arm before Christmas as the "best present ever". Florist Bernice, from Eaton Bray, Bedfordshire, said: "I have always taught Jacob you don't have to fit in, and that it's good to be unique and he should be confident. "But there are things he struggles with, so the second he tried on the bionic arm, he was desperate to get one. "He got the hang of it straight away and was saying 'mum, look what I can do!' - and I almost burst into tears. "Since then, we knew we had to try everything possible to get one for him - he doesn't need or want sympathy but it would just make his life that bit easier. "If he did get one, I can imagine his excitement would be uncontrollable - he'd be over the moon and immediately want to do everything he couldn't do before, all at once. "We can't believe how generous and supportive people have been so far and he is so excited at the thought of becoming a superhero!" This compilation was created on the 12th October 2021.

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