7 reasons why Nadiya MUST win the Great British Bake Off

Valerie Loftus

IT WAS GLORIOUS Chocolate Week last night on the Great British Bake Off, and with Flora’s exit, the four semi-finalists were whittled down to three. Yep, it’s GBBO final time, already.

We’ve examined the evidence, and we’ve surmised that out of the three remaining, only one contestant is the deserving winner. And that contestant is Nadiya. Why? Well.

When she came last in the technical challenge:


When another contestant got too emotional for her liking:


When Paul got over-zealous while filling his cream horn:


2. She didn’t start out too well on the show



For the first four weeks, she stayed in the middling pool of bakers, neither truly impressing nor disappointing the judges.

3. But she’s completely owning the final stages



She’s been named Star Baker the last two weeks in a row (and has three to her name all together) is acing pretty much all of the challenges, and her chocolate tart actually earned a handshake from Paul Hollywood last night. What a turnaround!

4. And she’s not got complacent at all

When her technical bake went awry in last night’s episode, she broke down in tears and was convinced she’d be going home, despite coming out tops in the signature.

Don’t cry Nadiya! Our hearts can’t take it :(

5. Please, look at her showstoppers


Yes, that’s a floating soft drink can.


Yes, that’s a peacock made of chocolate.


Yes, that’s a snake made of bread.

6. People already want to buy whatever book she eventually brings out, for god’s sake

Is there a pre-pre-pre-order list we can sign? No?

7. And this is how she makes everyone feel


If that’s not a glowing endorsement, we don’t know what is. NADIYA TO WIN!

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