7 soap plots that left us with unanswered questions

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Soap bosses certainly have a tough job pleasing all the fans, all of the time, but there is nothing more frustrating than when a storyline fails to tie up loose ends properly.

We're not talking about ongoing mysteries, or plots that simply fizzled out. We're talking about the ones that never provided us any closure – and in most cases, actually left us with more questions than answers. Here are seven unresolved mysteries that we are still scratching our heads over:

1. Did Peter and Lauren reunite? (EastEnders)

We all knew it was coming, but it's fair to say that fans were left divided over Lauren's exit. Lauren had been planning to start a new life with her boyfriend Josh in Scotland, but had a rather serious – and somewhat sudden – change of heart at the eleventh hour, ultimately deciding to leave on her own instead.

Lauren was last seen walking through the church graveyard with her son Louie, but where was she heading? Where is she now? New Zealand, apparently – but does that mean she's living happily ever after with Peter?

2. What happened with John Paul and Craig? (Hollyoaks)

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Don't get us wrong, we were very happy when it was implied that these two had finally found their way back to each other. But why no proper confirmation?

John Paul and Craig – aka McDean – had an army of ardent fans campaigning for their sunset ending for years, and while it appears that their prayers may have finally been answered, a question mark still looms over what really happened after John Paul left Chester.

A later scene suggested that the popular couple had indeed reunited, after we learned that Craig wouldn't be attending Frankie Osborne's funeral because he was in Singapore – the same country that John Paul was heading off too. Coincidence? We think not, but we'd prefer actual details and not just vague hints. How did they get back together? Did all of their differences get resolved? We want details please, Hollyoaks!

3. Why did Marlene Kratz's cruise go on forever? (Neighbours)

Soapland often plays with the boundaries of realism, but seriously: why did Marlene Kratz go on a cruise for so many years?

Back in 1997, the loveable pensioner left Ramsay Street to go on a three-month cruise – only to never return. And what's even more intriguing is that she was still on this aforementioned 'three month cruise' a whole eight years later. Marlene appeared via a video message in the show's 20th anniversary episode, still happily sailing the seas. But how, and why, did she stay so long? Who knows?

Sadly, Moya O'Sullivan, who played her, passed away recently at the age of 91.

4. Was Jake Moon murdered? (EastEnders)

Fatboy isn't the only EastEnders character we never got closure on as Jake Moon also had an equally frustrating exit. Back in 2006, Alfie Moon's cousin Jake got caught in the crossfire of a deadly feud between Johnny Allen and Sean Slater, ultimately becoming collateral damage in the whole fiasco.

When Johnny's dying words were misconstrued, poor Jake ended up with a contract out on his life – something which was actually meant for Sean. Much like Luke Browning, Jake was last seen getting into a car after being confronted by a threatening looking stranger – and there has been no mention of what happened to him since. Will we ever find out? Doubt it.

5. What happened to Real Dee? (Neighbours)

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Oh the Dee mystery! It had us intrigued for well over a decade, but we believed we were finally going to get some long-awaited answers when we heard that Madeleine West was reprising her popular role last year. But did we? Nope.

Although Neighbours bosses promised that Madeleine's return would finally bring closure to the mystery, we were actually left with more questions than ever when back-from-the dead Dee was revealed to be an imposter. So what actually happened to Real Dee? And will we ever find out? We really, really hope so.

6. Has Mad Maya been released from prison? (Coronation Street)

Mad Maya was involved in one of 2004's biggest storylines when her possessive behaviour of Dev Alahan led to her burning down his shop. After being arrested, Maya was put on trial for arson, with the court scenes expected to air later that year – until unforeseen circumstances off-screen meant it never happened at all. The producers were forced to rethink the storyline after Jimmi Harkishin – who plays Dev – was granted time off from the soap, meaning Dev wouldn't have been present at the trial.

Maya has barely been mentioned again, but would presumably have been released from prison by now given how short those soap sentences are. So, is she a free woman? We don't know. But wherever she is, Dev doesn't appear too worried.

7. Did the Bishop family all die? (Neighbours)

Poor Harold was left a broken man when his entire family became victims of a devastating plane crash back in 2005. But although his son David's body was eventually discovered and identified, Liljana and Serena were never found.

Serena was last seen clinging to life in the sea with her boyfriend Connor O'Neill – who was subsequently plagued with guilt over her supposed demise – whilst her mum Liljana was never seen again after the plane went down. But what did actually happen to Liljana and Serena? Did they die too? Or could history repeat itself like it did with Harold? It remains a mystery for now.

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