7 out of this world series to stream this weekend

Cape Town - While some of these shows are straight-up fantasy of the superhero variety, others give us a glimpse into a technologically enhanced future ... which, scarily enough, might not be far off. 

1. Mr Robot, Seasons 1-3 (Showmax)

The third season of award-winning techno thriller Mr Robot comes first and only to Showmax, with fresh episodes landing weekly straight from the US broadcast every Thursday. In episode 1 of Season 3, which became available yesterday, the Season 2 cliffhanger is resolved with Elliot waking up with no idea where he is. It looks like we’re about to discover how fine the line is between perception and reality, especially in Elliot’s mind. If you’re new to the series, check out Seasons 1 and 2, also on Showmax.

2. HBO's Westworld (Showmax)

Where do you draw the line between life and artificial intelligence? Prepare to have your mind blown in this incredible and unnerving show about man versus the machines we build. At this year’s Emmys, the sci-fi series won Special Visual Effects, Hairstyling, Make-up, Sound Mixing, and Interactive Media Emmys and was nominated for 22 Emmys in total, including for Outstanding Drama Series, for Evan Rachel Wood as Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series, and for Thandie Newton as Outstanding Supporting Actress. 

3. Pure Genius (Showmax)

Some of the futuristic medical tech in this drama is already being used in real-life hospitals, but some of the advanced tests, for example, aren’t possible in medicine as we know it … yet. Pure Genius follows a bunch of industry-changing doctors at the Bunker Hill medical facility. Heading up the medical miracle workers is James Bell (Augustus Prew), a billionaire tech genius who has given his staff the latest and greatest machines and technology to save lives. Welcome to the revolution.

4. Marvel’s Inhumans (DStv Now)

This wild ride starts with the King of the Inhumans, Black Bolt, being overthrown by his brother, causing a mass exodus of Inhumans from the moon to Earth. The superheroes land on Hawaii, and have no idea how to fit in with the humans they meet or how to live on the planet that used to be their home. Episodes come express from the US to DStv Now every week, and the first two episodes are currently available for streaming.

5. Stitchers, Season 3 (DStv Now)

In this sci-fi crime drama, when people die, their memories live on to be used for the greater good. Kirsten Clark is one of the agents recruited into a top-secret crime-fighting unit to be “stitched” into the minds of dead people, using their memories to solve the most brutal unsolved cases. In this season, which hit screens in the US earlier this year and which you can stream on DStv Now, Kirsten continues on her quest to find out more about her parents - even if it means placing herself in mortal danger. 

6. The 100, Season 4 (DStv Now)

Ninety-seven years after nuclear war destroys the planet, the lone survivors of Earth inhabit a space-station called The Ark. As resources started to run out, the leaders of The Ark send 100 juvenile delinquents back down to Earth in order to repopulate the planet… But when the teens arrived, they realised that not all of humanity was wiped out in the apocalypse. Nominated for multiple Emmys and Teen Choice Awards, and winner of the Best TV Sci-Fi Series at the IGN Summer Movie Awards two years in a row, this is a thrilling dystopian show that will intrigue and entertain teens and their parents. 

7. Sense8, Seasons 1-2 (Netflix)

This sophisticated sci-fi explores themes that usually fall outside the realms of supernatural TV shows, such as gender, politics, identity and religion. Eight strangers from different parts of the world suddenly and mysteriously find themselves mentally and emotionally linked. In the first season, the “sensates” try to figure out how to live their normal lives while communicating with one another and sharing their knowledge, and in Season 2, they work together to help each other learn how to control their powers. Eariler this year, Netflix announced that the series would end after Season 2, but after a massive backlash from the show’s passionate fan base, it was announced that a two-hour series finale would air in 2018. In the meantime, catch up on the first two seasons by streaming them on Netflix.

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