70-year-old woman gives birth to baby boy through IVF in northern India

A seventy-year-old woman gave birth to a baby boy through the process of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) in northern India's Rajasthan. The footage shows the baby and his mother, named Chandravathi, and her 75-year-old husband, Gopinath Singh, at the Indi IVF Infertility Centre in the Alwar district. Visuals also show a doctor feeding the baby with a small spoon. The couple has been married for 54 tears. Singh is an army veteran and a war hero. He fought for the Indian army in the 1971 war for Bangladesh's liberation. The couple had multiple unsuccessful attempts before being referred to this clinic. Thanks to the team of doctors led by expert Dr. Pankaj Kumar, Chandravathi managed to get pregnant on the third attempt of the IVF process. In December 2021, the Indian Government passed a bill stating that a couple that is over 50 cannot access any IVF infertility centres in the country. The law came to effect in June 2022 and therefore didn't affect Chandravathi's case as the woman started IVF before the legislation. The footage was filmed on August 8.