"We make £70k in a MONTH posting realistic sex online - but we still make time for ourselves off-camera"

A married pornstar couple made £70k in a MONTH filming "realistic sex" - but still make time for a great sex life off-camera too. Jess Miller, 34, and her husband, Mike, 35, started filming their romps five years ago as a side hustle. All they were aiming to make was £600-a-month to cover their mortgage repayments - but now it's a full-time job bringing in £40 to £50k on average each month. In July they had their top earning month ever - raking in a whopping £70k from their steamy sessions on Pornhub and OnlyFans. But the married couple - who have been together more than a decade and have two children - say bonking on camera for a living hasn't damaged their sex life off-camera. Despite their filmed sex being "true to us" and "not staged or forced", they still like to turn off the camera - and say their non-filmed romps "just doing us". The pair say the regular physical intimacy keeps their connection strong and means it "never gets boring" - no matter how often they go at it. Jess, a former semi-permanent make-up artist, from Southend, Essex, said: "We're just doing what we normally would but filming it. "Our biggest audience likes to see romance and a proper connection - that’s our selling point. "We don't film anything unless we actually want to do it for real." Mike, a former personal trainer, said: "Even with the camera rolling, we still only do what we want to do. "Nothing is ever staged or forced." Mike and Jess first met in August 2012 when he worked as a personal trainer at the gym she attended. They hit it off, and by October that year they were a couple. The couple married in June 2017, and had a son, now nine, together as well as bringing up Jess' daughter, 13, from a previous relationship. The pair started posting their saucy videos on Pornhub in December 2018 to help them pay their bills. But the views began to rack up and they became more well-known. Eventually they revealed to their friends and family what they'd been up to - and luckily, they were supportive. Five years on, the couple not only dominate in the world of porn - where they are in the top 0.17% of creators - but also social media. They boast an incredible 1.6 MILLION followers on TikTok and say they're recognised wherever they go. Mike said: "We can go to the other side of the world and get recognised. "People knew who we were on holidays in Ibiza, Greece, Tenerife and Mexico." Their monthly earnings are between £40k and £50k - although in July they had a record month and raked in £70k. But for the couple, things have mostly remained the same - because they want to show people a "real relationship". Jess said: "If we're not into it, we won't do it because it has to be real. "Just the other day, I suggested we make a video, but Mike wasn't feeling it - so we went for a coffee instead. "Sometimes you just get stressed and don't fancy it - that's normal life. "It's really important to us that we don't do anything we don't want to do because we never wanted our work to put us off each other. "If we forced it, we wouldn't enjoy it as much and people would see it - when I'm in a mood it's written all over my face. "We did try and have sex one time while we were in a mood, and we just ended up stopping half way anyway." Because they prioritise being "real", they say their sex on versus off camera isn't too different. But they still make plenty of time for off-camera fun - which they dub "just doing us." They said their non-filmed sex is a little "more relaxed" and can be "quicker" than when the cameras are rolling. Mike said: "When we're filming, the other differences might be what Jess wears - such as stocking, heels, latex, which we might not use in day-to-day life. "We do have to be aware of what people want to see." They said their good intimate life - both on and off camera - keeps them closely connected. Jess explained when she recently had a boob job, sex was off the table for several weeks while she healed. She said: "I could feel my mood change when we weren't having sex. When we don't have sex, we feel more of a divide. "Then, when we did it again, we could feel that we needed it - we could feel the connection." After five years creating adult content, they're still only growing more and more popular. They reckon when they hit their forties, they might wind down their on-camera adult content if their looks begin to change as they age. But they have no set end date and for now plan to carry on growing further and further. Mike said: "Pretty much the constant goal is to keep promoting as hard as we can and evolving our content."