73-year-old model Lauren Hutton stars in Calvin Klein underwear advert

Jonathan Mitchell

A 73-year-old model and actress has starred in fashion giant Calvin Klein’s latest underwear campaign.

Lauren Hutton, best known for her role in romantic drama American Gigolo, appears alongside Kirsten Dunst in the company’s latest advert, during which different women lounge about in Calvin Klein underwear.

The advert, shot in black and white, has drawn praise for breaking down barriers of age in the cutthroat industry, with Vogue magazine saying the ad proves “there’s no age limit to being an underwear model”.

Lauren Hutton, 73, in Calvin Klein's latest underwear advert (Calvin Klein)

But some media outlets have criticised Calvin Klein for only featuring Ms Hutton for a small portion of the advert compared to the younger women.

Actresses and models with ages ranging from 18 into their 70s appear in the advert, all of whom were handpicked by director Sofia Coppola.

The Office actress Rashida Jones, Nathalie Love, Laura Harrier, Chase Sui Wonder and Maya Thurman-Hawke – the daughter of Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman – all star.

A number of older models have begun to appear in adverts and fashion campaigns in recent years.

Last year, Harvey Nichols also made headlines when it for ran an ad in Vogue featuring a 100-year old model.