74% of students want another say on Brexit

The People’s Vote: What is the Brexit campaign group and when do they march? Will there be a second referendum?

Almost three quarters of university students support a second referendum on EU membership, a new study has found.

The survey of 77,000 students by Dig In found that 74% were in favour of a second Brexit vote.

Across the population as a whole, roughly 1 in 4 people supports going back to the polls over Brexit.

Under 25s were the most likely to vote Remain in the 2016 referendum, with 71% opting to stay in the European Union.

In worrying news for the Conservatives, the study of students found that only 18% trust Theresa May and 17% trust Boris Johnson.

39% thought that Jeremy Corbyn was trustworthy.

The poll found that Jeremy Corbyn was trused by 39% of students in Britain (PA Images)

Despite this comparatively favourable result for the Labour leader, a poll earlier this week found that his support among young voters is dwindling.

Since July, support for Labour among 18-24 year olds has dropped 14 points, falling from 73% to 59%.

In the same period Conservative support has grown from 15% to 20%, while support for alternative parties, including the Greens, has risen from 4% to 14%.

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The Liberal Democrats have seen no change with just 7% of young voters planning on supporting the party, which famously lost a big chunk of the young vote after u-turning on abolishing tuition fees when the party entered a coalition with David Cameron‘s Tories in 2010.

The Prime Minister has insisted time and again that another referendum on EU membership is not going to happen.

Jeremy Corbyn has been less convincing, saying the vote was ‘an option for the future but it’s not an option for today’.

The campaign for another Brexit vote, dubbed the ‘People’s Vote’, has been gaining traction in recent weeks, with a boost in support following Theresa May’s announcement of her draft Brexit deal.

The People’s Vote campaign dubbed the PM’s draft agreement as ‘the worst deal ever’.