79-Year-Old Californian Makes First-Ever Snow Angel at Oklahoma Retirement Facility

An Oklahoma assisted-living facility said on February 19 that its staff helped a long-term resident make his first-ever snow angel.

Franciscan Villa, a retirement and assisted-living facility in Broken Arrow, said 79-year-old Edward Trejo had never seen snow like the kind that fell during a severe winter storm in the area. The storm brought heavy snow and record low temperatures to parts of Oklahoma, prompting President Biden to declare a state of emergency.

However, after the worst of the storm had passed, staff at Franciscan Villa decided to help one resident fulfill a wish. “Coming from California, he always wished to make a snow angel,” Franciscan Villa wrote on Facebook as they shared footage.

The video shows Trejo being held and lowered down onto the ground by staff, who cheer as he makes a snow angel. “How does it feel?” a person asks. “It feels good,” Trejo says. Credit: Franciscan Villa via Storyful