8 of the best stress relief products

Melisha Kaur
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Feeling frazzled? Well, it’s time to take action. Stress, the body's natural response to physical, mental or emotional changes, can occur at all ages and creeps up when you least expect it.

Though a managed level of stress can boost productivity, extreme amounts could lead to serious health problems. It's also the root cause of depression and anxiety disorders.

To help you deal with stress before things get too much, we've handpicked some effective products designed to banish tension and keep you calm.

Stress Balls

A popular old-fashioned stress-buster, these round little helpers are the perfect size for relieving stress on the go. When we're stressed, our bodies naturally tense up and we physically clench. Give one of these foam balls a squeeze to release stress and induce relaxation.

£8.99, Amazon, Buy it now

Fidget Fingers

Anxiety caused by elevated levels of stress hormones can often lead to fidgeting - such as foot-tapping, which might seem annoying to those around you. Small and discreet, this clever cube, designed by brothers Matthew and Mark McLachlan, fits in the palm of your hand and provides multiple ways to keep your fingers busy, from rolling and clicking to spinning and flipping.

£3.99, Prezzybox, Buy it now

Origins Peace of Mind On-The-Spot Relief

Created with cooling peppermint oil, this mind-clearing lotion formula can be used to relieve muscle tension triggered by stress and comes in a handbag-friendly size. Using your fingertips, apply two dabs to the back of your neck, earlobes and temples.

£13.50, John Lewis, Buy it now

Vibrating Head Massager

This vibrating gadget, ideal for using after a stressful day at work, has been created with weightless fingers that make for a sensuous and stimulating experience. The vibration movement helps to release stress-induced muscle tension and promotes a sense of tranquillity. Simply run over your head in a relaxing environment.

£7.99, Menkind, Buy it now

The Art Therapy Colouring Book

Colouring for adults has become extremely popular in recent years, and for a good reason too. A playful way to unwind, this elegant colouring book features a series of intricate patterns and illustrations that will distract you from stress and transport you back to simpler days of childhood.

£9, WHSmith, Buy it now

Neom Organics Real Luxury Scented Candle

As the sense of smell is most linked to emotions than any of our other senses, burning a scented candle can be an effective way to reduce your feelings of stress. This luxurious candle from Neom Organics blends notes of jasmine, rosewood and therapeutic lavender - which is known to eliminate nervous tension.

£30, Neom Organics, Buy it now

Bed of Nails Acupressure Mat

When all else fails, lie on a bed of nails. An ancient healing art, acupressure involves the application of manual pressure with the goal of promoting relaxation. This Scandi-style mat is designed with over 8,800 non-toxic plastic spikes that provide stimulation and help the body release endorphins (happy hormones). It's also a great treatment for back pain and cellulite.

£55, Cult Beauty, Buy it now

Dammit Dolls

Banish stress by taking out your frustrations on a funky-looking stuffed doll. With various patterns to choose from, Dammit Dolls - created 'for those days when nothing goes right and you want to hit the wall' - are a quick and humorous way to de-stress and can be easily kept tucked away in your office drawer.

£14.99, Amazon, Buy it now

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