8 Corrie characters to watch out for in 2017

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Corrie's on fire right now, with gritty and gripping storylines involving some really great characters. It's the perfect combo, and we definitely approve.

With spring well under way, there are lots of plots bubbling away nicely and looking forward to the explosive drama that lies ahead, we think there will be a few key players who'll be in the forefront of the action.

Let's take a look at the eight Weatherfield residents we suggest you keep a very close eye on this year...

1. Bethany Platt

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The vulnerable teen has been at the centre of Corrie's most hard-hitting storyline in 2017, and with Bethany getting sucked further into Nathan's wicked web, we can expect to see a lot more of her on our screens.

Fans have been horrified watching evil Nath grooming Bethany, and trying to coerce her into sleeping with his mate, but with no one realising just how grave things have become, Sarah could be at risk of losing her daughter to the predatory paedophile. The upside to the whole sordid situation is that we're being treated to some awesome performances from Lucy Fallon, who's proved she's a real rising star.

We're waiting on the edge of our seats to see what will happen to Bethany next...

2. Adam Barlow

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We knew there had to be a good reason for Kate Oates bringing Adam Barlow back to Corrie. The suspicious Scot is one of the prime suspects in the 'Who pushed Ken?' saga, and has been going to great lengths to hide the truth about what he was doing the night his granddad nearly met his maker.

Let's just say it certainly wasn't Rosie. To be honest, he's looking way too obvious right now, but we're intrigued by Adam's general anxiety – he's hiding something, that's for sure. Rumour has it there's lots more in the pipeline for him too.

On our wish list is a lot of dodgy dealings and steamy one-night stands. We think that's fairly doable, don't you?

3. Rosie Webster

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Isn't it refreshing to see that Rosie is the same scatty, self-obsessed sexpot she ever was? (Except for those five minutes she was a goth.) If her first couple of mischievous months back on the cobbles are anything to go by, we reckon we're in for a right treat.

Rosie's a family girl at heart, and with Kevin on the verge of financial ruin, she's considering going back into glamour modelling to reduce her dad's debts – expect some very funny (and maybe revealing) scenes coming your way.

There's also the arrival of Sally's long-lost sister Gina to look forward to, which will definitely shake things up chez Webster. How will Rosie react to having another feisty female around the place? It's going to be fun (and noisy) finding out.

4. Shona Ramsey

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What's the deal with Shona? It's a question we've been asking ever since we saw her weeping at Kylie's grave, and one that surely is going to be answered at some point during 2017. We suspect Corrie has something big up its sleeve, and the reveal about Shona's true identity is going to be worth waiting for.

Shona's a proper rough diamond – there are definitely echoes of Becky and Kylie about her (could she be their secret sister?), and we think given the right storylines she could become a real standout character in the show. The jury is still out on whether she'd make a good match for David, but it would be nice to see him find love again. Even he deserves some happiness, eh?

5. David Platt

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Speaking of David, this year could be a very interesting one for the widower. He's been adjusting to life without his beloved Kylie, but the burden of what he did to Anna is still weighing heavily on his shoulders. Secrets don't stay buried for long in Soapland, so is the explosive truth about to come out? And will he go into meltdown once more?

Romance-wise, the cheeky snipper teased us (and Gail) by pretending to be crushing on Maria, and the fans seemed to quite fancy the idea of the colleagues getting together for real. Maria's been round the block a billion times, but might her dream man have always been under her nose?

Having said that, David's last couple of lovers are now six feet under, so maybe Maria should stay well clear.

6. Faye Windass

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Bethany isn't the only one with a bad boyf – poor Faye's got mixed up with a wrong'un in the form of Seb, and we've got a feeling this is only the start of this shock storyline. Anna might have the measure of the unhinged lad and have banned him from seeing her daughter, but since when did hot-headed Faye bother listening to what her mum said?

The stubborn schoolgirl could be about to find herself in big trouble if she starts sneaking about with violent Seb. This plot has dramatic climax written all over it, so could Faye find herself on the receiving end of Seb's angry outbursts?

7. Peter Barlow

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Troubled Peter's hit the destruction button once again, and we've climbed into the roller coaster with him for another white-knuckle ride. You can say one thing about the adulterous alcoholic – life in Weatherfield is never, ever dull when he's around, and this year is shaping up to be no exception.

We have so many questions... Did Peter push Ken down the stairs? Is he going to fall completely off the wagon again? Can he and Toyah survive his drink demons and all this crazy Chloe palaver? Might he end up falling into bed with ex-girlfriend Leanne? Can he ever be a decent dad to Simon? Let's see whether Corrie can answer any of them for us.

8. Pat Phelan

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No one should ever take their eyes off Pat Phelan, or turn their backs on him for that matter.... He's killed before, and he may well kill again in 2017.

The brutish builder's paranoia has gone into overdrive since he murdered Andy in cold blood, and as the pressure continues to mount, who knows what he might do next? But an unpredictable Phelan makes for totally addictive and unmissable watching, especially now he might be on borrowed time. Although, given that we are about to meet his long-lost daughter, it looks like he will be sticking around for a while yet...

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