8 Delicious Guacamole Recipes You Should Try

making guacamole sauce, mexican cuisine ingredients
8 Delicious Guacamole Recipes You Should Tryistetiana - Getty Images

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Tortilla chips and a bowl of homemade salsa make for a refreshing summertime appetizer or snack, but if you serve up some chips and salsa, you should probably whip up a batch of every one’s all-time favorite – guacamole. Doesn’t guacamole just make everything better? We think so at least. Whether you have chips and dip, burrito bowls, or homemade tacos, here are eight summer guacamole recipes that pair perfectly with your favorite foods.

Authentic Guacamole

If you want homemade guacamole that tastes authentic, try this recipe from Downshiftology. Fondly dubbed “The Best Ever Guacamole” recipe, this original guacamole recipe is authentic, using only fresh, high-quality ingredients. No fillers or anything unnecessary, just like guacamole should be. Only avocados, cilantro, fresh lime juice, garlic, jalapeño peppers, onions, salt, and tomatoes. That’s it! You cannot get any more authentic than that. Plus, this recipe is so deliciously easy you have no reason not to make it.

making guacamole sauce, mexican cuisine ingredients
Downshiftology with Lisa Bryan

Best Guacamole

Did someone say the best guacamole? Well then check out this recipe for the potential Best Guacamole. Created by Love and Lemons, this recipe only requires six simple ingredients and is an easy appetizer for summer parties. Yeah, we’ll bite.

making guacamole sauce, mexican cuisine ingredients
istetiana - Getty Images

Fresh Guacamole

Nothing beats a bowl of fresh homemade guacamole, especially when it is made from ingredients straight from your very own backyard garden or the local community farmers’ market. This Fresh Guacamole recipe comes from Real Phat Foods and only requires a few easy ingredients including avocados, black pepper, fresh cilantro, garlic cloves, jalapeño peppers, lime juice, Roma tomatoes, and salt. Pair with your favorite crackers or tortilla chips and enjoy this sensational summer recipe at your next backyard BBQ or cookout.

real phat foods guacamole
Real Phat Foods

Italian Guacamole

Add some Italian flair to your homemade guacamole with this Italian Guacamole recipe from Gimme Some Oven. Classic guacamole ingredients combined with a hint of freshly chopped basil leaves give you all of the Italian vibes you know and love. Now that’s Amore!

variety of chips in bowls on white, marble background
Claudia Totir - Getty Images

Rockin Guacamole

Put a little rock in your roll with this recipe for Rockin Guacamole. Created by Well Plated, this guacamole recipe calls for some fun additional toppings like chopped fresh cilantro, cooked bacon bits, crumbled feta cheese, and toasted pepitas. Can’t choose just one topping? Why not whip up the ultimate guacamole recipe and add them all. We are pretty sure it’s going to rock no matter what you choose!

guacamole by well plated
Well Plated

Southwest Guacamole

Take your homemade guacamole recipe south of the border with this recipe for Southwest Guacamole. Created by Good Foods, all you need is black beans, chunky guacamole, and corn. Top with a sprig of fresh cilantro and serve up to all of your summertime guests for an easy appetizer or quick snack.

southwest guacamole
Good Foods

Super Guacamole

Skip the store-bought overripe avocados, and instead, whip up a batch of handcrafted guacamole using frozen avocados from Pitaya Foods. With frozen avocado chunks, you never have to worry about whether or not your avocados are ripe enough for guacamole because they will always be ready to be transformed into a culinary masterpiece. Not sure if you can make guacamole using frozen avocados? Think again. Check out this Super Guacamole recipe to help get you started.

pitaya foods super guacamole
Pitaya Foods

Toasted Almond and Chipotle Guacamole

Craving an additional crunch to your guacamole mixed with a bit of heat? Try this recipe for Toasted Almond and Chipotle Guacamole courtesy of Gimme Some Oven. The best part is you probably already have these ingredients in your kitchen so you can go and make this guacamole recipe right now. How convenient!

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