8 essential inventions for perpetually cold people

Amy O'Connor

For perpetually cold people, winter is a neverending struggle to keep warm, which typically involves using scarves as blankets and extortionate heating bills.

These inventions, though? They will keep you toasty as a panini.

microwavable slippers

Regular slippers may technically do the job, but any perpetually cold person will tell you that microwaveable slippers are next level. 

2. Warm insoles


There are few things more miserable than walking around in the winter with cold/wet feet. The solution? Heated insoles.

Walk around this winter with snug feet and assume the swagger of a smug bastard.

3. Heated mousepad

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Everyone has someone in their life who suffers from the affliction commonly known as “cold hands syndrome”.

It causes the hands to turn a shade of violet the second you step outside and leads to a lot of complaining. (See: “My hands are soooo cold” or “My circulation is sooooo bad”.)

This heated mousepad and hand cover will keep your hand perfectly toasty as you Google “cold hands”.


4. Body-length hot water bottle


The placement of a hot water bottle is always a dilemma. Clutch it your chest and you risk having cold feet. Keep your legs warm and the rest of your body will be deprived of that warm cosiness.

The solution? This long, flexible water bottle from YUYU.

Wrap it around your neck, your back or just spoon the hell out of it for optimum cosiness.


5. Hand-warming case for iPhone


Embercase bills itself as “the hottest iPhone case on the planet”. Its creators describe it as thus.

It is so annoying using your phone when its cold – bringing gloves, jackets, and beanies with you everywhere in anticipation of the weather is so inconvenient.On a cold night in the hills of San Francisco, the Exumme team devised a way to extend your iPhone’s functionality through the first ever titanium hand-warming case!

No more standing in the cold attempting to text with fingers that feel as though rigor mortis has set in? Count us in.

Unfortunately, this particular project has yet to come to fruition as the creators failed to reach their goal on Kickstarter, but we live in hope.


6. Pyjamas warmer


A pouch designed specifically for warming your jammys?

giphy 15

7. Insulated earphones


Never complain of cold ears or struggle to fit a hat over your clunky headphones again.

8. Heated hand cosy


Sure, you may look like a dork and it’s essentially a straitjacket for your hands, but at least they won’t be cold.

And that alone is a reason to celebrate.


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