8 huge Emmerdale spoilers for next week

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It's chaos at the pub in next week's Emmerdale episodes, while the sexual tension boils over between Moira and Nate again at the farm.

Here's a preview of the eight biggest storylines you can look forward to watching next week.

1. Nate and Moira have another close call

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It's all getting a bit frisky on the farm again, as Moira's resistance to farmhand Nate is weakening by the day. Moira is troubled by her growing attraction and when Nate enjoys winding up Cain, Moira tries to demonstrate that all is well in their marriage by organising a date night with Cain, right in Nate's face.

But Moira's efforts fall flat and it all gets too much for the pair when Nate sees Moira getting ready for her date and the tension crackles between them. Nate pulls Moira in for a kiss and this time she doesn't pull away, passionately submitting to the moment.

It's another close call for the pair as Cain arrives and Nate is forced to hide. When Cain leaves, Moira makes it clear nothing can happen again between them, but her resolution doesn't last for long…

2. Nate and Moira give into temptation in the barn – again

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After her snog with Nate, Moira deliberately refocuses her passion back towards husband Cain, but he's not the one playing on her mind. Moira's all fired up and it's Nate's doing.

When Cain heads off for a drink, Moira's on tenterhooks, knowing she has the house to herself and with Nate firmly on her mind. It isn't long before Moira's resolve crumbles and she finds herself back in the barn at Butler's with Nate, unable to resist.

Another mad moment of impulse leads the lusty pair to sink into the hay and reignite their dangerous affair.

3. Dry rot at the pub

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There are rotten times ahead for Emmerdale's favourite meeting place as dry rot is discovered at The Woolpack. Charity's in chaos as she tells Paddy that he, Chas and Bear will have to move out while the work is completed.

No-one is happy about the pub's fate, and it's even worse for Charity who worries about business being bad. Soon, with the pub shut, Charity starts making alternative plans, but what scheme has she got up her sleeve?

4. Will's return drama

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Will is back in the village and Harriet is glad to see him, but his happiness is short-lived when Cain sacks him from the garage. Pleased her dad's back, Dawn senses chemistry between him and Harriet still, so she soon puts plans into place to reunite them.

Harriet is also trying to get Will to stick around long-term and attempts to persuade Cain to give Will his job back. After Dawn offers to cook dinner for the family, things are looking up and later it seems like her plan has worked when Will and Harriet share a passionate kiss.

5. Jacob's strange behaviour

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The big Jacob and Maya storyline continues as Jacob worries his loved ones with some strange behaviour.

It's exam results time for Jacob, and David and Leyla hope he's done enough, despite all the turmoil this year. Sadly for Jacob, his results are disappointing but his family attempt to lift his spirits.

Despite all their efforts, Jacob has only one person on his mind – Maya, and their future together. A sympathetic Priya invites Jacob for lunch, but his behaviour dumbfounds her. Perhaps Jacob isn't coping as well as they all thought.

6. Paddy and Bear's letter dilemma

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It looks like Faith's decision to expose Bear's illiteracy is going to cause him anguish next week when he asks for Paddy's help.

After Faith's mean reveal, Bear's ego is bruised and he approaches Paddy to ask him to read aloud a letter from his mother. Fans will know that these old love letters from Paddy's mother to Bear were the catalyst to the big reveal that Bear Wolf was Paddy's birth father.

Next week Paddy panics when he lies about the contents of these letters, realising that soon Bear will be able to read the letters for himself. Will Paddy confess?

7. Graham and the chess mystery

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Strange things have been happening at Home Farm and Graham has been keeping a close eye on his precious chess board. After a surprising heart-to-heart at the vets' surgery with Rhona a few weeks ago, Graham revealed how significant chess was in his past with Joe. Then, when passing, Rhona cheekily began a secret game with him by moving a piece across the board.

Next week Graham is on the trail, intrigued over who his secret chess competitor might be. Is it still Rhona and if so, is the speculation right – could there be a new romance on the cards?

8. Tracy and Vanessa's tension

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Trying to carry on as normal since the death of their dad Frank has been a challenge for both Tracy and Vanessa. Grief and opposing views on Frank's involvement in the factory fire have meant the two sisters have struggled to cope.

As the pair finalise Frank's funeral plans next week, the tension between them is still palpable. Can they resolve their issues before Frank is laid to rest?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with extra episodes at 8pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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