8 huge Emmerdale spoilers for next week

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Next week Emmerdale sees Aaron get involved in Mandy’s dodgy money scheme while an ill Charity struggles with Sarah.

Here’s a look at the eight big stories coming up.

1. Chas rumbles Mandy

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She's only been back in the village for five minutes and already Mandy is up to no good! Next week Mandy and Vinny are on a mad hunt around the barns at Butler's farm, desperately searching for a mysterious bag.

It isn't long before a savvy Chas rumbles them and discovers the bag, which is crammed full of stolen cash and casino chips, and she's livid. Chas demands answers and her and the rest of the furious Dingles take her to task.

The question remains, who has Mandy stolen the cash from and will they be hunting her down for the stolen money back? Could Mandy have brought big trouble to the Dingles' door already?

2. Aaron teaches Mandy a lesson

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When it comes to Robron, we're used to Robert being the one to get involved in dirty money tricks, but it's Aaron next week who's involved in a scheme! Robert's just as bemused to learn his husband has offered to help Mandy change the stolen casino chips – and she's delighted.

Meeting at the scrapyard with the cash, the tables are turned when Aaron rebukes Mandy for sponging off the family. When he reveals that he's craftily taken a cut as commission, Mandy's fuming and it all kicks off.

During the argument, Aaron retaliates by "accidentally" dropping all of the money in a handy nearby burning barrel. But is all as it seems – has he really just burnt all that cash? What is Aaron up to?

3. Charity worries about Sarah

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Charity's feeling rough next week – covered in chicken pox. Spotty and irritable, Charity's got even more to worry about now that Debbie's away and she's been made Sarah's primary guardian. She's really not in the mood for teenage misbehaviour and embarrasses Sarah in front of her new friend.

Conscious too of Sarah's health, Charity's anxious about what her granddaughter is getting up to and grounds her. But will Sarah listen?

As Charity grows increasingly concerned about Sarah’s behaviour, worrying about her current outlook on life, will she be able to deal with Sarah's new rebellious streak?

4. Sarah has a troublesome new friend

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Sarah's up to no good next week, sneaking around with her new friend Danny (played by Louis Healy) and riling up Granny Charity. Trying to show off in front of him, Sarah gets caught out by Vanessa who warns them they should be doing schoolwork and not mucking around.

Vanessa reports back to Charity and the pair take a different approach to Sarah's new friend. After being mortified by a dressing down from Charity, Sarah thinks her hopes of making Danny her boyfriend are shattered when she's grounded. But Vanessa has other ideas and is determined to make things right between Sarah and Danny.

Vanessa plans a surprise for the two teens, but just what has she got up her sleeve and will it work?

5. Jai’s big shock

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Jai has a huge shock next week when Dan arrives in the village with Jai's estranged son, Archie. Archie has been living with mum Rachel Breckle, who left in 2015 after Jai's cruel behaviour and drug problems meant he lost custody.

Pleased to be reunited with his son, a confused Jai questions what has happened to Rachel and is thrown to learn from Dan that Rachel has died. First Ruby, then Ali, now Rachel – that family don’t have much luck, do they? Will a redeemed Jai be able to step up to the plate with his son this time?

6. Vic’s spirits are lifted

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Victoria briefly has something to smile about next week when she bumps into the handsome stranger from the hospital again, Luke. She met him before at the vending machine while she was visiting Liv but panicked when his innocent friendliness triggered memories of Lee.

Next week Luke manages to lift Vic’s spirits when they meet again, but she soon has a new dilemma on her hands during another scan when she’s asked if she wants to know her baby’s gender.

7. New romance for Belle

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It's been another difficult year for Belle after losing her mum and dealing with the aftermath of Lachlan's reign of terror, but happiness may be around the corner.

Earlier in the year, viewers saw Belle and Ellis grow closer when she helped him deal with his PTSD after being stabbed and there were early signs of attraction between them. Next week there could be romance on the cards for the pair as she’s delighted when Ellis asks her out on a date.

8. Rishi tries to start again

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Rishi forges ahead with his idea to get the Sharmas back in business next week, hoping to return the family to their former glory. After sharing his plans with the family, Rishi hands out chocolate samples in the village, determined to win people back round with some sweet treats.

Supportive Manpreet helps out her husband and bumps into a regular patient of hers, Derek, from the surgery, featuring guest star Tommy Cannon in the role. Will Rishi ever be able to restore his family’s reputation?

Emmerdale currently airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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