Killing Eve season 3: 8 huge questions it needs to answer

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Note: contains spoilers for the entire second season of Killing Eve

If you've watched the recently released second season of Killing Eve in its entirety on BBC iPlayer, you're bound to be wondering what will follow that huge cliffhanger.

With a captivating performance from Jodie Comer as the psychopathic assassin Villanelle, the dramatic thriller brought us more bloodshed, terror and endless tension as Eve, played by the brilliant Sandra Oh, continued her obsessive hunt.

It will be a long wait until the already confirmed third instalment, but that won't stop us speculating while the gripping finale is still fresh in our minds. Here are the biggest questions we're asking about Eve, Villanelle and the whole twisted tale.

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1. Will Eve survive?

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In the closing moments of season two, Villanelle shot Eve after her advances were rejected. Eve had been left horrified upon realising shortly after killing Raymond – Villanelle’s new handler who wanted her dead – that the trained killer had a gun and could have done the job herself.

Villanelle was of course unfazed. "You're mine!" she insisted, before turning the gun on Eve when her declaration was brushed aside. Left for dead, will Eve be saved in time? The show may be called Killing Eve, but surely this would be a premature death.

2. What is Villanelle's next move?

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She walked away from a bleeding Eve after pulling the trigger, but what will Villanelle do in the aftermath?

Given the level of her infatuation with the intelligence agent, is there a chance she'll return to the scene and help her? Or will she coldly resume her normal activities, thinking of it as just another 'hit'? She seems to be all on her own, so there could be limits now that weren't there before.

3. How will Eve's connection with Villanelle change?

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If she lives through the attempt on her life, Eve will be coming to terms with the fact that she has murdered someone. Villanelle said she wanted her to know what it was like to kill, and Eve then claimed that she was now just like her. Once the initial horror subsides, could the experience fuel Eve's disturbing fixation – on gruesome deaths and Villanelle?

4. What happened to Hugo after the 'clean up operation'?

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When she fled her hotel to help Villanelle, Eve abandoned her colleague Hugo (Edward Bluemel) who was seriously injured from a gunshot wound. Her efforts to call for help along the way were rather lacking, and despite Villanelle being absolutely fine, it was quite some time before we saw her return.

To Eve's shock, there was no trace of him, and Carolyn (Fiona Shaw) soon arrived, explaining that everything had been 'cleaned up'. Did this involve the removal of a lifeless Hugo's body, or was he able to get the medical attention he needed?

5. Did Carolyn really give Konstantin his family's location – and is she the true villain of the piece?

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Villanelle’s handler (Kim Bodnia) was thought to be dead by her hand at the end of the previous series, but he reappeared alive and well and the pair went on to go 'freelance'.

He later double-crossed her, allowing Carolyn to use her to kill an MI6 target in exchange for his family's whereabouts. But should he really trust her?

The calm and collected Carolyn seems to be lying to everyone without any conscience. She could easily have used Konstantin himself, giving him a fake address. It's not clear whether she's fighting on the side of right or wrong, but there is definitely something untoward about her behaviour. Will her motives come to light when the show returns?

6. What will Niko do now?

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When we last saw Eve's estranged husband Niko (Owen McDonnell), he was at a storage unit, faced with the suffocated body of Gemma (Emma Pierson). She was the besotted teaching colleague he was staying with, killed by Villanelle after quizzing Niko on whether he still loved Eve. His answer was yes, but what does this mean for their marriage?

Eve has had a one night stand with younger man Hugo and committed murder during their separation, so chances are she won't be ready for a detailed chat over the state of their marriage. And perhaps he won't be either if he uncovers what she's been up to...

7. Does Villanelle have a mystery family member?

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As they parted ways, Konstantin explained to Villanelle the importance of family above all else. "I wouldn't know," she replied. "All mine are dead." His cryptic response was that yes, *most* of them were. Villanelle clearly had no idea who he was referring to.

So is there a family member set to appear when the third series hits our screens? And could it be someone we're already familiar with?

8. How will it all end?

Photo credit: Gareth Gatrell/BBCAmerica

When Killing Eve began, it looked like the aim was to capture Villanelle. By the end of the second run, however, Eve and co have had more than one meeting with her and she remains a free woman. So ultimately, what will happen when all the chasing is over?

Will MI6 catch up with Villanelle, either to imprison her or use her as bait again? Or has the plan always been to end in Eve's death; if not in the near future then when the show comes to a finish? Whatever happens, the only thing we can be sure of is that season three will keep us all in suspense.

Killing Eve season two is available to watch now on BBC iPlayer.

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