8 inspirational travel shows to watch right now!

Cape Town - It’s all about journeying on the road less travelled these days, with exotic locations and off-the-beaten track activities being all the rage. These series and movies on internet TV will inspire you to take the plunge for your next holiday.

Elders: Die Camino (Available on Showmax)

Elders, the best-selling Afrikaans book published last year about the Camino pilgrimage in Spain by writer, journalist and TV presenter Erns Grundling, is the inspiration behind Elders: Die Camino, a documentary series launching on kykNET and Showmax this January. Episodes land on Showmax every Wednesday with English subtitles, express from the kykNET broadcast.

Top Gear: Botswana Special (Available on Showmax)

While suburbanites worry when their SUVs get too close to the pavement, the Top Gear team buy used cars and try to drive them across 1 000 miles across the Kalahari Desert, the Okavango Delta and the Makgadikgadi salt pans. Madness! It’s the first time the area has ever been crossed by car, and Jeremy, James and Richard face death, wild animals and utter humiliation at every step. 

Planet Earth, Season 1 (Available on Showmax from Monday, 8 January)

Enter the amazing natural world in this award-winning series of nature documentaries. From unbelievable footage to never-seen-before animals, this is the one nature series you can't miss. Explore jungles, caves and deserts, the deep ocean, shallow seas and mountains in the first-ever nature series to be filmed in HD, which took five years to make and was, at the time, the most expensive nature series to ever be commissioned by the BBC.

Cuba and the Cameraman (Available on Netflix)

Filmmaker Jon Alpert first visited Cuba with his camera four decades ago, attracting the interest of Fidel Castro and striking up something of a friendship with the controversial, iconic figure. This documentary chronicles the fortunes of three families in Cuba over the many years that Alpert has been visiting the country, showcasing the massive changes that have taken place in the country from the time of his first visit to the present day.

Chef’s Table (Available on Netflix)

While not explicitly a travel or nature show, this drool-worthy series about the world’s top chefs and their restaurants will make you yearn to visit their corners of the globe, to sit at their tables and experience their innovative cuisine. From Modena in Italy to New York City, LA, Buenos Aires and Melbourne, this series takes you on a whirlwind tour of passionate cooking. 

Finding Escobar’s Millions (Available on DStv Now)

Two ex-CIA operatives travel through Colombia to find the renowned drug lord Pablo Escobar’s buried millions - assuming they exist. Usually, travel involves spending loads of money, but this series is about a journey to uncover cash, and lots of it, and it provides an intriguing escape from post-holiday blues.

Mountains: Life Above the Clouds (Available on DStv Now)

Also known as Mountains: Life at the Extreme, this 2017 BBC series takes us to the world’s highest peaks and exposes the harsh realities of life in these lofty realms. Survival at these altitudes requires nerves of steel, and creative thinking, on the part of the extraordinary humans and animals who call them home. Episode 1 takes us to the Rockies, episode 2 to the Himalayas and episode 3 to the Andes, the longest mountain range in the world.

Canada Untold (Available on Amazon Prime)

Find out why Canada is about so much more than poutine and Justin Trudeau. Made by Venezuelan immigrant Andrey Blanco, this beautiful documentary uses drone footage, interviews and time-lapse photography to bring the 10 provinces of Canada right into your living room. In 2017, when the film was released, Canada celebrated 150 years as a nation, and this movie reveals lesser known destinations in the vast country, starting in Newfoundland and touching on the unique communities, traditions and landscapes of each province.

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