85% of dog owners uncertain of what they're feeding their pets

dog cancer discovery
dog cancer discovery

85% of UK dog owners are uncertain of what they are feeding their beloved pooch, a new survey has suggested while only around 19% actually take the time to check the ingredients of their dogs dinner.

The survey, commissioned by dog food manufacturer, Forthglade, questioned 2,000 UK dog owners about their dog's feeding regime and diet. Of the 2,000, 49% thought that they gave their dog a healthy diet while the remaining 51% said they were not sure how healthy their dog's diet really is.

Forthglade launched the survey as part of their a new campaign called Clean Eating For Dogs, aimed to help dog owners give their mutt the best diet they can.

"This is not about dieting and it's not a fad or wellness craze – it's about pure, nutritious food for life," said Forthglade managing director, Gerard Lovell.

"Poor canine diet leads to a poor association with mealtimes, fussy eaters, as well as lacklustre coats, bad breath, unpleasant or irregular bowel-movements and sadly, disease."

"The right food plays a massive role in creating the right associations," said canine behaviourist, Nick Jones, "and providing a nutritious, balanced diet should be the first step in achieving this; dogs will learn to relax and enjoy their environment."

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