86-year-old gran watches bagpipe rendition of Insomnia by Faithless surrounded by ravers

This hilarious video shows an 86-year-old gran watching a bagpipe rendition of Insomnia by Faithless surrounded by ravers.

Gran-of-three Marjorie Lawrie, who has two great-grandchildren, was watching her grandson Craig Lawrie, 33, perform with his band Drums N' Roses at the Houston Beer Festival on Saturday, in Renfrewshire.

Craig joked that Marjorie 'looked like she was queuing for the Post Office' as she stood with her arms crossed while a crowd of 2,000 people waved their arms in the air.

Marjorie, dressed in a beige jacket, appeared to be unfussed by the 1995 rave classic.

Craig said she prefers Gladys Knight and the Seekers, but still comes along to gigs regardless, accompanied by his aunt.

Dad-of-one Craig said: "She absolutely loves it, she's so interested in anything me and my siblings do.

"She stood there for a whole hour, she didn't need a seat.

"She has two hearing aids and had to turn them down, she doesn't get to see the band live very often.

"I don't think she actually knows what the song is, we did George Michael and Mama Mia too.

"I don't think rave music and bagpipes is her thing.

"I think she just goes to offer her support."

Craig, from Paisley, Renfrewshire, described his nan as "one in ten million".

Craig added: "It was sensational, we look forward to this event every year."

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