7 best Aldi egg chair alternatives that are the perfect addition to your patio

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From all-the-rage rattan to chic wooden models, there’s an oeuf for every kind of outdoor area (iStock/The Independent)
From all-the-rage rattan to chic wooden models, there’s an oeuf for every kind of outdoor area (iStock/The Independent)

The mid-century-inspired egg chair is perhaps the ultimate indulgence when it comes to a statement patio piece. Its playful form offers an idyllic spot in which to curl up and relax, cocooning us as we drift softly in the breeze.

Acknowledging that very few of us have a mature oak tree to swing from in the back garden, most designs come with a sturdy metal stand. It’s typically suspended via a strong chain and a hefty spring, which gives a little bounce, making us feel both comfy and supported.

While a hanging egg chair’s natural habitat is the patio or terrace, there are plenty of indoor/outdoor designs on offer: if you have space, a woven, rattan number can add a laid-back bohemian feel to your interiors, too.

Excitingly, buyer demand is making this once unattainable piece increasingly affordable, with top brands competing for our attention – even Aldi joined the hype earlier this year. Call it self-care – this is a luxury we all want in on.

How we tested

We put a range of hanging egg chairs to the test on our patio space: from the irresistibly purse-friendly to the original 1959 classic favoured by design purists.

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The best Aldi egg chair alternatives for 2021 are:

  • Best overall – Cox & Cox indoor outdoor hanging chair: £425, Coxandcox.co.uk

  • Best for a tree swing – Broste Copenhagen Lot rattan egg hanging chair: £625, Nest.co.uk

  • Best for modern style – Argos home rattan effect hanging egg chair, grey: £250, Argos.co.uk

  • Best for a contemporary look – Made.com Lyra hanging chair, grey and blue: £449, Made.com

  • Best for boho-inspired – Moda swing chair: £925, Modafurnishings.co.uk

  • Best with adjustable height – Gardenesque paxton swinging egg chair with cream cushion: £499.99, Gardenesque.com

  • Best for skandi style – Sika Design hanging egg chair: £2,012.10, Skandium.com

Cox & Cox indoor outdoor hanging chair

Best: Overall

Getting top marks for versatility is Cox & Cox’s offering. It boasts a simple metal stand for the chair to be used in a stationary position, along with a metal frame for when you want a gentle swing – simply unhook the lightweight chair or hook it back up depending on the configuration you fancy).

This one is woven from a synthetic poly-rattan but makes a convincing imitation with its mottled grey-beige hue. Its sumptuous, deep-filled cream cushions do a great job of hugging the sitter while the matching headrest, ingeniously, ties onto the weave so you can adjust it to your perfect height.

Buy now £425.00, Coxandcox.co.uk

Broste Copenhagen Lot rattan egg hanging chair

Best: For a tree swing

This is one of the prettiest egg chairs we’ve seen, with its large windowpane weave giving it a contemporary and airy feel. It’s crafted from a strong honey-toned rattan and without a stand, it’s hung via a chunky metal chain. If you’re lucky enough to have a mature tree with a sturdy branch at an appropriate height, you can find the perfect secluded spot for it in the garden. Thanks to its light and open design, this one looks beautiful with trailing ivy running through it, too. Layer it up with cosy cushions and a single pelt sheepskin rug for the full boho effect.

Buy now £625.00, Nest.co.uk

Argos home rattan effect hanging egg chair, grey

Best: For modern style

One for the modern patio, Argos’s offering in chic grey is simple, stylish and provides a seriously inviting spot to relax in. Its simple black metal frame is unobtrusive (and handily, can be dismantled when not in use). While its puffy cushioning, complete with headrest, is ergonomically designed for comfort.

It does look and feel man-made, so it doesn’t give the patio that authentic boho look. But what it lacks in natural materials it makes up for in weather resistance and durability. We loved the large cut-out armrests – it’s clearly been thoughtfully designed.

Buy now £250.00, Argos.co.uk

Made.com Lyra hanging chair, grey and blue

Best: For a contemporary look

Made’s contemporary take on the swing chair is an arresting one. With its geometric design and angular silhouette, it is more upturned shopping basket than egg. But where it does stay with convention is its intricately woven poly-rattan material, which offers a charmingly aged and naturally imperfect look. In direct contrast, the chair’s sturdy steel frame is a vibrant sea blue, ensuring it stands out rather than fading into the background. Larger than most, and with a generous swing height, this is a luxurious patio piece you’ll be fighting your housemates over. Team the existing pad with further scatter cushions – there’s plenty of room. Sign up to receive an email for when this is available to buy.

Buy now £449.00, Made.com

Moda swing chair

Best: For boho-inspired

This is a substantial swinging egg chair with a luxuriously low and laid-back sit. The rattan chair comes in five neutral colourways, while its black, powder-coated metal frame is reliably hefty despite its compact base: the only movement you’ll feel is a pleasingly gentle rock. We loved the attention to detail in this one – the lower half of the chair is densely woven while the upper section boasts a boho-inspired circular pattern, ensuring you’re both cocooned and feeling free. Sumptuously deep-filled cushions with removable covers make this egg chair a practical and perfectly relaxing buy.

Buy now £925.00, Modafurnishings.co.uk

Gardenesque paxton swinging egg chair with cream cushion

Best: With adjustable height

This is a beautiful patio piece that offers an adjustable seat height, allowing us to find the ultimate relaxing spot – even if that means keeping our feet on the ground. Generously sized, we loved the way we could curl up in it, with its curvy, authentic egg shape creating a luxurious cocoon. Its circular armrests are as attractive as they are practical, while the tightly woven wicker gives this one more of a solid feel. We loved the large, duvet-like seat cushion, designed to allow us to drift off.

Buy now £449.99, Gardenesque.com

Sika Design hanging egg chair

Best: For skandi style

If you’re a purist when it comes to design classics, Nanna and Jørgen Ditzel’s original 1959 model is available at Skandium. The famous egg chair, with its distinctive sculptural form, comes in indoor or outdoor configurations – the outdoor being a weatherproof version of its natural wicker counterpart. The swinging chair boasts a dense basket weave, which gives it a solid shaping and the feeling of being luxuriously cocooned and shut off from the world. The stand and cushions are added extras here, so expect the already hefty price tag to go up on this mid-century classic. It’s also made to order – but well worth the wait.

Buy now £2012.10, Skandium.com

The verdict: Hanging egg chairs

Cox & Cox’s indoor/outdoor hanging chair won us over for its versatility – we loved the way it can be used as a stationary patio chair as well as a hanging seat. It’s also wonderfully light in both weight and colour, offering a distinct boho-chic look.

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