9 best alternative wedding gifts

Bianca Barratt

Does your heart sink every time you open a wedding invite to find the usual honeymoon fund or department store registry service listed under ‘gifts’? If so, you’re probably not alone.

Whilst it’s understandable that many couples want help with building a new home together or going on the holiday of a lifetime, a drab toaster or £50 in cash slipped into a card seems like a bit of an anticlimactic send-off.

You need not despair, though. We’ve rounded up some fun and alternative gifts to suit every budget that the happy couple will remember forever.

Please raise a glass to nine of the best.

£20 and under

Good Times Cork Storage

A great gift for close friends, this is a unique way for them to commemorate all the raucous evenings you’ve shared together over the years. If you’re organised enough you can even start it off with a couple of corks: just remember to write the date and event on the bottom so they can remember them forever.

£10, The Range, Buy it now

Double Hammock

Ease them into married life with a hammock for two: a great spot for spending sunny Sunday afternoons. If they don’t have trees in their garden don’t fret: you can buy a wooden frame so optimum lounging can take place anywhere.

£20, Mano Mano, Buy it now

Gin Botanical Cocktail Garden Kit

As soon as they’re back from the honeymoon the dreaded baby question is bound to be popped by certain friends and family. With this gift you can give them the perfect response for shutting down the conversation: ‘no, but we have started growing our own gin garden…’ They’ll truly love you forever.

£17, Not on the High Street, Buy it now

£50 and under

Umbra Aquala Bathtub Caddy

You know what they say; couples that bathe together, stay together (or something to that effect). This bathtub caddy is just the right size to hold a couple of glasses of wine and has a special stand for an iPad; helping the happy couple take their bath time to a whole new level.

£38, Amazon, Buy it now

Sunday Newspaper Subscription

Sitting across from each other contentedly reading the papers over a late brunch is arguably the picture of marital bliss. As such, a subscription to their favourite Sunday papers makes a truly thoughtful gift. What’s especially great is that you can tailor the length of it based on your budget.

From £20 for 3 months, WH Smith, Buy it now

Stylus Record and Wine Subscription

Sitting back with a glass of wine, listening to a favourite LP isn’t a bad way to spend an evening for newlyweds. Stylus is one step ahead with its monthly wine and record pairing- albums such as Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours and Hunky Dory by David Bowie arrive alongside bottles of wine chosen to match the tone of the record. This is a great way for them to build a collection and hobby together that they’ll treasure into their old age.

£35 per month, Stylus Vinyl, Buy it now

£100 and under

Distinctly Living Copper Fondue Set

A certain level of intimacy is required between dining companions when eating foods that are deemed ‘risky’ (think spaghetti Bolognese, mussels and the like). Fondue is definitely high on this list; being messy, gooey, and indulgent and something you have to eat from a shared pot. This is ideal for cosy nights in.

£55, Not on the High Street, Buy it now

SunnyLife Luxe Inflatable Flamingo

If they’re heading somewhere tropical for their honeymoon, give them a gift that will keep on giving in their Instagram updates. This flamingo float is a great pool companion and is so huge you could probably fit the whole wedding party on it. #couplegoals

£55, Amazon, Buy it now

Croquet Set

A little competitiveness never hurt anyone; not least a newly married couple. Croquet is a hilariously quaint game to play with friends that can end up being furiously combative. This is a gift that will bring many afternoons of laughter and fun: something that every couple needs, wouldn’t you agree?

£95, The National Trust, Buy it now