17 of the best London tattoo artists to follow on Instagram

Liz Connor

These days, more of us are deciding to go under the needle than ever before.

It’s now estimated that a fifth of Brits have tattoos, and among the under-30s, that figure rises to one in three.

But unlike hoppy beer, places with ampersands in their names and grisly beards, tattoos have transcended fringe act status - becoming much of a marker of the capital's millennials as a whole, rather than a fleeting hipster fad.

So if you've decided to get an inking this year, you don't have to look far for inspiration, because London is home to some world-class tattoo artists.

The best place to find them showing off their stuff? Instagram.

Whether you're a die-hard tattoo addict or a newly-converted fan of the art form, the app is easily the best place to look for ideas on your next inking - and we’ve scoured high and low to find 17 amazing tattoo artists that are currently working in the city.

From the established to the up-and-coming, these are the ones to watch... or at the very least, follow.

Click through the gallery above to discover our pick of London's best tattoo artists.