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Next week on Holby City, a devastated Max turns back to alcohol, Essie struggles to process her cancer news and Jac and Kian grow closer.

Here are the nine biggest moments to watch out for:

1. Max and Louis come to blows

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Max is still reeling from her meeting with Louis in next week's episode, which actually picks up from where we left off last night.

Max had no idea about Louis's transition in his years away and struggles to process the news during another high-charged at Albies.

Despite Louis's repeated attempts to get his mum to listen, Max refuses to accept him and makes another damaging comment that she can't take back.

2. Max is tempted back to the bottle

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Following her disastrous meeting with Louis, Max – who is a recovering alcoholic – makes the ill-advised decision to order a boozy cocktail.

However, as Max prepares to break her years of sobriety, she's snapped out of her moment of weakness when she accidentally knocks the drink over.

Seeing sense, Max returns to work but is immediately read the riot act from Ric when he smells alcohol on her. As Max protests her innocence, she finds herself outnumbered when Ange also addresses concern that she's not in the right mindset to be operating.

3. Casualty's David wants to prove his worth

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David Hide's crossover stint continues next week, but it could soon be cut short if Fletch has anything to do with it.

After having his confidence knocked in last night's episode, David becomes determined to prove his worth on Darwin.

While David is pleased to find a continuing ally in Kian, he is left in a dilemma by Fletch's rebellious decision to send him back to the ED….

4. Fletch wants to fight back

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Acutely aware that David is simply not a suitable solution to Dawin's nursing staff shortage, Fletch decides to fight back against Max next week.

Adamant that they need to take a stand against Max's controversial decision to move nurses around the hospital, Fletch gathers his team together and insists that everyone returns to their original ward.

Puffed up and ready to fight the good fight, Fletch and his colleagues join forces to lodge a complaint. However, they get more than they bargained for and poor David is soon being summoned to Max’s office.

5. Essie struggles to process her news

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Following her devastating discovery last night, Essie wants time to percolate her grave cancer news and urges Dom to keep it to himself.

Essie also makes the sad decision to keep the truth from her partner Sacha, who picks up on her distant behaviour and fears she's about to dump him. Sadly, he could be right.

6. Sacha fights for Essie

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Essie's decision to withhold the news from Sacha puts Dom in an increasingly difficult position, especially when he learns what the nurse is planning to do next.

Although Dom insists that Sacha is stronger than everyone thinks, Essie denies this is the case and insists he is better off without her.

Later, Essie devastates Sacha by implying that she doesn't want to be with him anymore. As Sacha reels from Essie's cold behaviour, he realises that she's had her scan results and everything falls into place.

Promising to stand by her, Sacha declares his love for Essie and pops the question. But what will her answer be?

7. Jac and Kian grow closer

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Spoiler-reading fans will have seen this one coming for a while, but sparks will fly between Jac and Kian next week.

The frenemies have been growing closer for a while now, but will find themselves bonding over wine and pizza at the end of another trying shift.

As Jac and Kian open up about their past romances, it's clear that there is an underlying chemistry between them, but could this be the start of a new romance?

8. Donna loses patience with Zav

Photo credit: Kieron McCarron - BBC

Zav makes another attempt to expose Cameron's true colours next week, but it could prove to be the final nail in the coffin for his relationship with Donna.

Viewers know that Zav is getting close to the cracking the case about Evan Crowhurst's death and the integral role Cameron played in his final moments.

Sadly, Zav's one man mission regarding Cameron only serves to push Donna further away, and after an attempt at a reconciliation goes badly wrong, she insists that they are over for good.

9. Guy Self's return

Photo credit: BBC

He's back! John Michie has reprised his role as no-nonsense medic Guy Self, whose return scenes will be playing out next week.

Although Guy's comeback story is being kept a closely guarded secret, all we can say is that fans won't want to miss this one. It's a good'un.

Holby City airs these scenes on Tuesday, April 7 at 8pm on BBC One.

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