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Next week on Neighbours, another former Ramsay Street favourite makes a return, there's a hook-up that nobody sees coming, and one new relationship is over before it's even truly begun.

Here are 9 storylines to look forward to this week.

1. The search for Sheila continues

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With Sheila still missing and her car found abandoned, concerns for her whereabouts escalate. While Kyle and Amy go looking, Gary waits anxiously at home for news. Gary is worried that his attitude towards Sheila has driven her away, but the community rallies around him to offer him comfort.

When Sheila is found out in the bush, having broken down and gotten lost, she reveals the reason she was out there in the first place – to help Gary. Will this be the thing that finally ends the hostility between them?

2. It's the end of the road for Chelly

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Sadly, it seems this romance was just not meant to be, as Elly and Chloe call time on their romantic involvement. Feeling that Elly is not as invested in the relationship as she is, and worried that the baby will cause further obstacles for them, Chloe makes the heartbreaking decision to end things now to save them the pain later.

Elly protests that this isn't the right thing to do, but she soon realises that Chloe is right and the two agree to try and remain friends.

3. Mark and Roxy hook up

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Roxy is frustrated by the financial situation at the Back Lane Bar, so she takes her anger out on Mark whilst he celebrates his 36th birthday. The war of words escalates so much that she ends up pouring a cocktail all over him.

Aaron, sad that Mark's birthday was ruined, goes to check on him. When he leaves, a half-dressed Roxy pops up from behind the sofa – and the two immediately get down to business.

The next day, and despite Mark saying it should be a one-time thing, the two find themselves back in each other's arms again. Is this the start of a new relationship? And as it's Mark, will there be time for him to propose before he leaves?

4. Elly's concerns about Bea and Finn grow

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A down-in-the-dumps Elly is looking forward to spending time with her sister to go through the new music she has written, but Finn throws a spanner in the works. Finn asks for Bea's help with the Foundation, so she instantly drops everything to go and be with him, which leads Elly to worry even more than she already has been.

Elly is convinced that Finn has Bea wrapped around his little finger. Susan and Karl try to reassure her that it's just the early stages of love, but Elly's doubts don't appear to be disappearing any time soon.

5. There's a Scully back in town

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Hot on the heels of Gail's return to Erinsborough comes another of Paul's ex-wives – Lyn Scully. Claiming that she's in the area to conduct interviews for the Retreat, she soon makes it clear to Terese that she has another agenda – and it's one that is all too familiar for the soon-to-be wed couple.

Just like Gail, Lyn takes the time to warn Terese against marrying Paul. And when the man himself hears and takes her to task for meddling, she tells him that if he truly loves Terese, he should end things for her sake.

6. A hope of romance for Pierce and Chloe?

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Following her recent break-up, Chloe takes to Netflix and chocolate to keep her company while shutting herself away from everyone. Pierce decides he wants to help her and enlists Amy to give her a voucher for an extravagant shopping spree.

It does the trick and cheers Chloe up, and then she realises that it must have been Pierce who was behind it. She's grateful for his friendship, and he is happy to be getting close to her again. But will he be able to keep his feelings for her in check while she goes through the process of mending her broken heart?

7. Is Elly's baby in danger?

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While hanging out, Pierce notices how much contact Elly is still having with Chloe. She is still being chatty, still trying to arrange trips out, and generally just acting as if their brief relationship never happened.

Feeling as though this is stopping Chloe from moving on, Pierce spots Elly at Lassiters and makes a point of telling her how he feels. Not knowing that Karl and Susan had already had a word with her, he isn't pleased when she tells him to stay out of it.

The conversation heats up and Pierce eventually storms off. Elly subsequently slips on some stairs and falls on her tummy. Is her baby going to be okay?

8. Harlow gets leverage over Roxy

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Knowing that Roxy is going through a bad spell with the potential loss of the bar, Harlow is intrigued when her change in mood seems to relate some texts that she's receiving. After keeping a close eye, she twigs that something is happening between her and Mark.

Harlow immediately starts to wind Roxy up about it, including calling Elly over to tease that she may tell her. And then she comes up with a list of demands to keep the secret, including doing all of her chores and giving her full custody of Hermione.

9. Shane and Yashvi's relationship worsens

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After discovering that Yashvi never had the option to move into Ned's, but pretended she did to get a car out of her parents, Shane is at a loss about the type of person his daughter is becoming. Talking to Dipi about Yashvi, he tells her that he doesn't see a lot to like now. He's unaware that Yashvi is listening to them and reacts badly to hearing her father say things like that about her.

The upset causes Yashvi to do terribly on an essay, but new student Mackenzie encourages her to ask to resubmit it. It's sound advice as it does the trick, but solving the father and daughter problems is not going to be so easy.

Neighbours airs weekdays at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5 (UK) and 6.30pm on 10 Peach (Australia).

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