90,000 birds flock to mudflats in Norfolk to feed after migrating from Iceland

This incredible video footage shows approximately 90,000 birds flocking to mudflats in Norfolk to feed after migrating to the UK from Iceland for the winter. Derek Lees, 72, had purposefully headed to RSPBB Snettisham, Norfolk, on Monday [8] morning in the hope of seeing a flock of migrated birds feasting on the mudflats. The retired automotive technical consultant was thrilled to see approximately 90,000 birds feeding on the mudflats after migrating from Iceland to the UK for the winter. The incredible video footage shows an enormous gathering of birds, predominantly knots and oystercatchers, moving together in a huddle on the mudflats at Lagoon 4. Derek, who lives in Walsall, Staffordshire, explained: "The birds migrate to UK from their breeding grounds in Greenland/Iceland at this time of year to feed on the mudflats. "They are forced off the mudflats during seven metre high tides, which happened last weekend and will be repeated in the spring high tides." This video was filmed on the 8th November 2021.

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