That '90s Show fans have a theory Leia isn't actually Eric's daughter

that '90s show fans say same thing about topher grace
That '90s Show fans have a new theory about LeiaNetflix

Yes you read that correctly, a number of That '90s Show fans have a rather convincing theory that Leia isn't actually Eric's daughter. I'm going to need a few minutes to recover from this information.

To recap: last week Netflix dropped a hilarious reboot of the iconic That '70s Show. That '90s Show sees the daughter of Eric Forman (Topher Grace) and Donna Pinciotti (Laura Prepon), Leia, spend her summer with her grandparents in Point Place. Just like her parents she's spending her summer hanging out with her friends and falling in love in her grandparent's basement.

The series begins with Leia being dropped off by her dad Eric, but now some fans are saying it's actually chronologically not possible for Eric to be Leia's dad.

that '90s show theory eric isn't leia's dad

Reddit user u/bored_bingewatcher highlighted a very important point when it came to the timeline of Donna and Eric's relationship. In episode six of That '90s Show Leia is seen celebrating her 15th birthday in 1995. This means Leia would have to have been conceived in early 1980 or the end of 1979 depending on what we count as summer and then born in summer 1980.

In the That '70s Show finale episode, which took place at the beginning of 1980, Donna and Eric reunite. This means Donna and Eric would have had to conceive Leia straight away in order for her to be Eric's daughter.

It's not impossible, but it seems unlikely they rushed to have a baby straight after getting back together? But maybe Leia wasn't planned?

that '90s show theory eric isn't leia's dad

This is where fans think someone else is Leia's father - Randy Pearson. He dated Donna throughout the last season of the show and broke up with her just before the season finale, leading many fans to think he could actually be Leia's father, as it fits into the timeline more accurately.

Whilst this is a convincing theory, it then means the maths of the other characters doesn't work out either. Jay Kelso, the son of Michael and Jackie from the original series, is thought to be older than Leia.

However, his parents didn't get back together until after the series finale set in 1980, so it would be pretty hard for him to be born earlier than Leia, in 1980, if his parents weren't even together then.

that '90s show theory eric isn't leia's dad

So basically, you either need to decide to believe that maybe Eric isn't Leia's father, thereby ruining your enjoyment of the show OR just accept the timeline is a little off, and Eric is Leia's dad and carry on watching That '90s Show on repeat.

We're definitely going for the latter.

That '90s Show is available on Netflix now.

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