99 problems: Flaky start to UK heatwave as Cadbury faces global supply chain disruptions

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This week Britons will see temperatures soar up to 30 degrees in the UK, but it will be a flaky start to the summer as Cadbury confirms there is a shortage of Flakes.

Ice cream sellers have told Sky News they are struggling to get ahold of Cadbury Flakes and have had to buy alternative brands instead.

Simpsons Ice Cream Van Hire owner, Ilhan Ali, said: "Last summer was bad and it looks like this summer will be bad too."

The crumbly chocolate sticks dug into a scoop of soft ice cream are essential for the 99.

Maxine Sasso, co-owner of Sal's Ices, said she is "limited" to buying 10 boxes at the suppliers and "it is a constant struggle".

Mondelez International, which owns Cadbury, have confirmed the shortage is due to global supply chain issues.

A spokesperson said: "We have been experiencing some global supply chain disruptions, alongside a recent increase in demand for the product in the UK and Ireland above the levels that we had anticipated at the start of the year. "

They added: "Flake 99 is available for our customers to order but, for now, we are just carefully managing stock allocation fairly across all our customers."

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The UK also faced a shortage of chocolate flakes in May last year after an "increase in demand".

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