We're the best of friends: Abandoned duck forms unlikely bond with a dog called Romeo

The dog and duck have become close - and unlikely - friends (Caters)

A duckling abandoned and close to death found an unlikely guardian and friend namely a boxer called Romeo.

The tiny bird has formed a remarkable bond with its rescuer's dog. Wildlife rescuer Heather Loughlin found the duckling abandoned in a field in Te Puke, New Zealand.

She nursed the bird back to health and Romeo soon started to show a lot of care and attention to it.

The pair became inseparable so Heather decided to keep the duckling and name her to Juliet - but changed the name to Julius seven weeks later after she discovered the growing bird was male.

Heather said: "One day I noticed a touch of green and I thought 'Oh crikey, it's a drake'.

 "And since then he's turned into a monster duck, he's almost the size of a goose."

"I was amazed at how fast the duckling turned into a fully-fledged duck. I've even had to buy a special container to put him in because he's too big for a normal cat-sized container.

"The other day he was running across the lawn flapping his wings, trying to fly, and Romeo was around so he had his neck stretched out and he just kept going and ran into him."

"And now he's starting to quack and that's come on in the past week. Instead of a baby chirp it's a croaky beginning of a quack. It's so funny.

"It's been an amazing experience and I've had heaps of fun watching him grow. People have asked if I'm going to buy orange sauce and have him for Christmas but no, I won't be doing that."

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