A great body of work: Sculptor makes delicate flower models from bones of dead rodents

These delicate creations certainly shows off the sculptor's body of work - as the models are all made from the skeletons of dead animals.

Hideki Tokushige's flower sculptures are all fashioned from the minuscule bones of dead rats and mice.

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Sculptor Hideki buys frozen rodents from pet shops which are normally used as reptile food.

He then defrosts the tiny creatures and spends a month cutting into their flesh until he has amassed hundreds of small bones.

The fragile fragments are then carefully glued into place to create stunning flower-themed models.

Some of his creations are made from as many as 100 mouse bones, and can take several weeks just to dissect the animal.

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His flower models are usually based around the lotus, spider lily, dandelion and hydrangea.

Hideki, 38, from Tokyo, said he has 'feelings of resistance' about touching dead animals to begin with, but has since made dozens of sculptures.