Man wakes up to find his front door bricked up overnight (and no one knows why)

Nick Reilly
The house (not pictured) was bricked up (Picture: REX Features)

It sounds like an elaborate joke, but a man in Germany was left stunned when he attempted to leave his house by the front door and discovered that it had been bricked up.

According to police, unknown assailants went to the house in Mainhausen, Offenbach, in the dead of night before pulling off the audacious act.

It’s believed that the block was constructed within minutes, but a motive is unclear – and it could be a bet, a joke, or even an act of revenge.

Now, police are looking for several people in connection with the crime, and have estimated the damage to the property at £425.

The bricked up house was compared to the Berlin Wall (Picture: Rex Features)

Perhaps unsurprisingly, some felt that it harked back to a famously chequered period in Germany’s history

‘It reminded me of the building of the Berlin Wall’, a police spokesman told local media.

‘That went up pretty quickly, too.’

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Perhaps it was constructed by someone with an unusual fondness for the times of harsh communist rule? That, or possibly a fan of a certain US president elect with a love of all things walls.

The mystery deepens.