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A summer-ready yard is within reach at Amazon — these popular garden and lawn care products are $25 or less

Gear for a greener landscape starts at just $7.

Get your garden gear for $25 or less. (Amazon/Getty)
Get your garden gear for $25 or less. (Amazon/Getty)

The sun is out and the birds are singing, signaling us to get dirty in the garden! You might already have budding bushes and have your lawnmowers brushed off and ready to buzz around the yard, but there may be a few things left to make your yard extra lush. There are loads of gardening gadgets to help you meet your green thumb goals, and you probably already know that Amazon is the place to get just about anything at the best prices. We’ve been keeping an eye on lawn gear and picked some great gadgets and must-have items to get your lawn looking its best this spring and ready for summer — all on sale and all under $25.

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If you're repotting plants or doing any sort of potting project, this clever little mat keeps the mess contained. It's made with waterproof material cut into a rectangle — the sides fold up and snap together to create a little tray so dirt can't spill out.

$7 at Amazon

"I bought this for my own use so I could use my expensive picnic table on the back porch to pot plants without having to get down on the ground or bend over. Great for this purpose," wrote a rave reviewer.

For those growing tomatoes, this No. 1 bestselling Velcro tape will come in very handy this spring and summer. It has a non-slip grip that's weather-resistant and keeps flowers and plants supported and staked.

$7 at Amazon

"This is a great idea that I wish I had found several years ago!" gushed a gardener. "Such a great way to stake your plants without damaging them. I've used it on my tomato plants, pepper plants and whatever else needs some assistance out in my garden. I've even used it inside on some of my houseplants when needed."

Just like us, birds and critters can't resist juicy fruit hanging from trees and vines. But if you want to get to your sweet treats before the crows and squirrels get to them, this gentle mesh netting can keep them out. 

$10 at Amazon

"I purchased the netting to cover several plants where both monarch butterflies and eastern tiger swallowtail butterflies lay their eggs," wrote a five-star fan. "Last year I had monarch caterpillars on a milkweed plant I grew for that purpose. Sadly, the birds got all of them. This year I bought the netting and covered my plants after seeing some eggs and spotting the first caterpillars. Now protected I have swallowtail caterpillars munching on leaves and several monarch chrysalis. I will monitor their evolution and remove the netting when they metamorph into butterflies. This was the perfect solution."

This No. 1 bestselling spike sprinkler lets you water the lawn where it needs it while keeping it firmly in the ground. It gives you 360-degree coverage and there are 6 spray patterns to choose from. 

$17 at Amazon
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$32 at Ace Hardware$23 at Tractor Supply

"These are the best," shared a five-star fan. "These sprinklers helped us through our unusual drought and heat this summer. They were used for watering our gardens, augmenting the sprinkler system for the yard. They are easy to adjust and do a remarkable job."

Miracle Grow is a well-known brand for a reason — the products do what the makers say they will do. This little mixture has microbes and nutrients for a nourishing soil that promises to help your plants produce more fruit than they would without it. 

$17 at Amazon

"Prepare yourself for a great season," a rave reviewer shared. "My garden flourished this season. I use it once in the beginning of the season, about a quarter of a bottle. For reference, I have around 30 tomato and 10 cucumber plants. Both plants definitely enjoyed the extra nutrients. I wasn't thrilled with the top because I either put too much or not enough on each plant. Aside from that I recommend this product."

Keeping your yard pristine sometimes means cleaning up after pets. So you don't have to bend over, this No. 1 bestselling pooper scooper kit comes with a rake and long-handled dustpan on a swivel to make cleanup easy, whether it's on concrete or in the grass. 

$19 at Amazon

"Makes a dreaded task much easier," wrote a happy dog owner. "I used to bend and gag when cleaning up after my 3 dogs. Not anymore. This dust bin-style pooper scooper works great. It uses regular plastic grocery bags on the bin and the plastic rake flips the poop into the bin perfectly when wet, like after a rain, or dry. I was skeptical about how it would work after it had rained. I was pleasantly surprised. It did not make any difference. The rake is well-designed and works under any conditions."

Some of us don't mind having a little greenery filling in the cracks of our concrete. Others like to keep those crevices clean and for them, a crack weeder is a satisfying tool to keep in the shed. Most have a short handle, but this one is long enough that you don't have to bend over to put it to work. 

$11 at Amazon

"This is the PERFECT tool to use to get moss and weeds that are growing in between the pavers on our patio!!" shared a very happy patio owner. "It is sharp-sided so I can get all the weeds out with little effort and requires no strength, the blade does all the work for me! The 13-inch handle is sturdy and a good length to use. A very quality tool and it gets the job done!"

These days, you don't need a green thumb to grow plants — you just need the right gadgets. This one helps you figure out how wet or dry your soil is so you know if it needs watering. On top of that, it can test your soil's pH level. 

Save $15 with coupon
$15 at Amazon

"Growing Brussels sprouts in pots and [I] have other plants in pots that are now doing much better now that I know what they need," wrote a happy plant parent. "The moisture sensor is super. I have three of the same plants in the same pots and they all need different things at different times. This thing seems to be very accurate also it amazes me that it doesn’t require power. Everyone who grows plants should have one. I would have saved money and plants had I thought of getting one. Such a cheap and cool tool. I love the thing."

Sometimes, one spout is just not enough to keep your lawn green. This faucet splitter lets you hook up two hoses at once and has two shut-off valves that are larger and easier to use than the valves you find on most splitters.

Save $4 with coupon
$20 at Amazon

"I live in a Condo unit in Florida," shared a five-star fan. "I have a small courtyard with planting areas on all 4 sides. My tap is in a corner. I had a heavy-duty hose that was a chore to move enough to water the more remote areas. And doing so risked damaging bedding plants and small shrubs. I use this to split my tap. Bought a 75' hose to reach the more remote section and a 25' to reach the nearer one. This splitter is a handy tool. The levers that control the water flow do a good job of controlling it without leaks or drips."

Whether you have plenty of long hoses with sprayers or not, a good watering can with a long neck is a must. This one is made with sturdy lightweight PP resin and has a removable spout for compact storage. 

$24 at Amazon

"Love it," wrote a happy gardener. "I have been looking for something that will softly water seeds that I have started in containers and finally! This works great for a strong sprinkle and holds lots of water to get the job done."

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