A24 Enlists Hugh Grant for New Horror Film 'Heretic'


A24 is back in its horror movie bag. The celebrated independent entertainment company has now revealed the official trailer for another upcoming horror film titled Heretic.

For the upcoming work, A24 enlisted the help of Hugh Grant to lead the film. Directed and written by Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, the horror thriller follows the story of two young women who are Christian missionaries, who find themselves at the wrong house in the plight of spreading their faith.

The young women soon find out that Mr. Reed (played by Hugh Grant) has an evil plot in mind where the two missionaries must prove their faith in a cat-and-mouse game to escape the home. Alongside Grant, the film also stars Sophie Thatcher and Chloe East. Although the trailer does not make it explicitly clear what lurks in the labyrinthian nightmare, it's clear that danger and perhaps death is imminent.

As of late, A24 has been ramping up the horror films, which is a company signature. A24 also recently released the trailer for The Front Room starring Brandy, which follows the ensuing chaos when Belinda's (played by Brandy) mother-in-law moves in with her family.

Check out the trailer for Heretic above, which is set to land in theaters on November 15.